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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Death becomes "her"

While as a norm May 10th is our last frost date. This morning I awoke to a beautiful thick white glisten across our little valley. A glisten so beautiful it makes you want to cry, cry for it’s beauty and all the lost hard work it took to plant all my tender vegitation . I lost several California Poppies that were just about to burst, pole beans, tomato plants and too many other things to mention in such a gray state of mind

BUT it is bound to happen at some point when dealing with nature, if it’s not the fires out west or the floods in the mid west, or our drought issues here in the east it is going to be something. Mother nature is beautiful and harsh and today is one of those harsh days... I’ll have to find the time to replant my garden .... again.

Why didn’t you just cover your garden? I did cover an area of it,but that gausey material for cold crops is not cheap and my limit was only one purchase years ago and I’ve not needed it sense. I did what I could, I did what I felt like, besides a good day is a day with dirt under your nails so more good days ahead replanting the garden, with new enhancements... apparently it wasn’t a perfect picture for mother nature she demanded it be done better this time. Ha ha ha...


  1. We missed the frost...did not stop to think about your garden...I am sure the next planting will be even better. Hope you and your Dad have a great visit...

  2. We did not have a frost this morning... Bill kept looking on the ground and roofs. Did not stop to think about your garden. I am certain the next planting will be even better. Hope you and your Dad have a great visit!!