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Monday, May 11, 2009

Rain rain and more rain...

While yesterday was the last frost day... Today is wet and cold. I’m sitting here with long jeans, two tops, one being a sweat shirt, wool socks and I am still cold. I’m about to put on a jacket! I refuse to turn the heat back on!

There has only been ONE day of no rain sense April the 30th, we are desperate for the water so I’ll make no complaints except to say with all this clay soil I’m not sure anything I am planting will ever come up. I am however spending the extra money and covering my seeds with compost, purchased garden soil or potting soil; what ever I have on hand.

Today I dug out for my blue corn and some tomatoes to mix in with them. Again using the same area for twice the punch.... I had to stop planting as it was starting to mist a rain again so... no need to waste any more of my time in the garden.

Of course the garden was after stripping stalls, cleaning them with pine cleaner, putting out completely new bedding, and getting the horses settled for the morning. I also rigged up another water barrel. This one is much more funtional than my home made on from last year but also was a wonderful gift from moving that little pony a few weeks back. I am so excited!
After leveling off a spot for it, I am expecting it do work wonders! Loving it!!!!

I have so much more planting to do but ... rain rain rain is also important for the wells around here. I can only hope my supply of compost doesn’t run out before I get it all done.

Hope your day is going as good as mine!

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