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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Yesterday was a hard day. Anyone with animals knows they are either a part of your family or a part of your work group; mine are family; my children in fact. Sweet Pea has been getting more and more upset as time goes on, meaning she is acting out with aggression. It has gotten to the point I am somewhat worried about others being around her and needed to have the vet come and do an evaluation of what I am doing wrong or what could be going on with her. At this point we are doing one test, EPM as she has clear signs of spinal issues. Test were sent to UC Davis in hopes of not getting a false positive.

I think it’s her conformation as it sucks to put it nicely... while she looks good, she rides like the old rock-n-roller coaster at Opry Land USA ha ha ha... she has clear issues with her Left Hock, and the right leg will NOT pass under her as needed.

Both of their feet are all wrong so xrays are scheduled as soon as we get test results back on SweetPea. I'll trailer them out to the vet for this one as there isn't one flat spot in all the land for true level xrays to be taken. He has laser level spots for this very reason, and my kids trailer like it's nothing.

Yes I will take pictures of the property later day, as it is so calm and peaceful on the estate, I wish I could be up there all the time.

ps.... my phone system works perfectly up there, with a lap top I could move customer service to the property... ha ha ha.... I want a new computer.
the picture is David... I allowed him to use Sweetpea in a show last year, it's one of my favorite pictures... he won a ribbon... yea!

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