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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Many Days Gone Bye

Well, it's now Tuesday, my Daddy has been here and gone. There is much to write of BUT work calls and rain falls. while this is being posted early, birds, horses are done work is not. I'll write later.


Thursday Daddy got here earlier than expected so as unpredictable as life is I still had the sheets in the dryer and had to make the bed, but the rest of it was done. Daddy wanted to go out to eat, I didn't feel like cleaning up, I had my day set in motion and it's hard to get motivated to take more than two showers a day.

Friday, birds got him out of bed screaming. It is after all spring and they scream more now than any other season. Birds out Horses next, clean, feed, hay, and water. I didn't put them to pasture till later in the day. Metal, Rhino, errands, and supplies. Then to get wood for him, White Cherry wood and Walnut I think.... problems with the chain saw, problems with the wood. I felt like I was making daddy run around the world.

Saturday, Birds, horses, Stalls, got horses out early so we could go out to eat later but when we did it was pouring down rain. Jerry too the chain saw to be repaired.... We pretty much called it a day stayed inside as Daddy had to travel and at least some of his time here should not be running around like a chicken with his head cut off. Computer freak out... called computer guys, can't fit me in for days... mind goes a million miles an hour. LIFE>>>> SCREAMING in my mind all day long...

Sunday it rained non stop , Daddy left after covering all he could and putting the rest in the cab of his truck.

Monday was all rain... too wet to even walk in the horse paddock. we need it but this sucks for the animals.

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