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Monday, May 18, 2009

In need of relaxation.

While it's a typical Monday, packages are ready for their FIRST pick up of the day and I'm tackeling the second pickup scheduled around four. I have to admit my mind goes to the new tender grass on the estate. How I would love to throw out a quilt, take off my shoes and have a beautiful picnic today. Just one of the things I miss about "us" having a motorcycle I enjoy riding. Sense Jerry got rid of Yoko, I've not been on a mid day picnic sense. I suppose I will have to plan and invest some time and encourage Jerry to take a packed lunch to the estate with me some time this week, life should never stop being what it once was, but enhanced to be better.

It will never have the elegance of sitting next to the lower pond, skimmed with ducks, rippled with fish on the Biltmore Estate, but what ever it turns out to be, it’s ours. Mud, rocks, and new tender grasses, and a tiny grove of trees, but ours.

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