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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Private Messages...

Let me just put the record straight.

I know this is not the normal thing to want to do.
I also know it is NOT the ideal time of year to do it.
But I'm past my prime, and if it is going to get done, it needs to be as soon as possible; as my life gets no longer, and I've put it off long enough.

We all do things that make our choices worse ... this is one of those times.
EVERY choice in life we make has a consequence, this is my self created out come.  WINTER...

Before everyone gets all bent out of shape, here are the facts!
Our ancestors did it!
We now have better gear for both animal and human to survive worse weather than will ever be experienced in the tiny region of the "STATES" that are up for discussion.  Have you ever been out west?   For all sake's last July I was still hiking in Snow!  So lets put this into a realistic situation here...

I can't take off the ENTIRE month.. I still have to work... so there will be stops and re-starts... there will rest days for the horses (work days for me) they.. the horses.. will be in their comfortable little barn and paddock at home;  getting the best of care, and sucking up attention from the neighbors kids as usual.    We at the MOST will only be camping  four nights a week.  Come on... Almost anyone can do that with the right gear!   This is not an act of courage it is merely a weight on my shoulders that must be removed, as I put it there I am the only one that can take it away... Thus I am not canceling this trip!   I may for one reason or another have to delay a travel day, I may for some reason have to give the horses more rest than scheduled, but I need to be pushed to my limits! as long as it is to my limits, and not beyond my limits as I still have to work and be productive for my jobs that will await me at home.

The only real danger is the cold in terms of me... Not for the horses.  Please... has anyone ever known me not to take care of my horses?   I will have rain coats for the horses, and ONE quilt for Sweet Pea until we get out of the mountain range.

Navarre with ice hanging off him, and still all he wanted to do was play!
One of my horses is Perfectly made for such an adventure! The other will get oil, hay, feed , a quilted blanket and anything else she needs.  Life goes on and so will this trip!

I do appreciate the concerns!
I do appreciate the cheers and the statements of how off the wall I am!
I do appreciate everything there is to know from anyone else that has done this or more!

Love to everyone even those who are worried out of their minds! Trust me If I need help I'll call someone!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Ok, so I'm sure all you horse people are smarter than me, but this has never come up in conversation and I've never been told of it, so I am sharing with anyone who will listen.

So what I learned on my wired ride Saturday, I can actually control which way my horse freaks out!

Yes I said it! Call me crazy but it helps me figure out what is more dangerous, her freaking out into on coming traffic , into a mailbox ( metal with jagged edges), off a cliff (around here ? no guard rails most of the time) or my favorite... into a road sign.

All of these are only some of the larger visual issues I have to worry about when those motorcycles, dump trucks, or school buses are headed for me or better yet coming from behind me.

The control comes from ME choosing WHICH EYE Sweet Pea sees the moving item with.

Yes! If I am riding down the road and the noise is behind me... I'm constantly checking curbs, signs, mailboxes and anything else that can hurt me or my animals.  So with NO issues I have a noise behind me I leg Sweet Pea to bend, push Navarre into the ditch BUT look at the moving thing behind me with her LEFT eye... not her right!   With her left once she sees it; it never leaves her vision again, she can watch it pass her with no huge issues.

If she sees the moving "car" with her left eye she is going to RUN Jump what ever...  right! away from it !

If she sees it with her Left eye... no matter what I do to control it she is going to jump left RUN forward and no telling what else as it comes up on her faster.  Throwing her rear into on coming traffic, and trying to keep it in her site she will spin, turn and yank Navarre around uncontrollably till it is gone.

I find the support reign is very important when it comes to a car passing me near other objects like a sign, mailbox or ? drop off of sorts.  Or the simple hole, glass bottle, old fencing you know all the standards we never see from a car, but all the hazards that could lame my horse in a minute.The support reign is more important to me,than the leg,  because a leg would push her closer to the yellow line.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Normally its all BUT the kitchen sink.

Most women pack everything but the kitchen sink, in my case I'm packing TWO.

With life, with packing, now with camping off the horses... I am always thinking of double duty for anything and everything I spend my money on.  This time it is called the kitchen sink.

One of my major worries for this trip is water.  I am going to be forced to ask people for water along the way.  Having said that, what would I put water in, and it be small enough to carry on the back of a horse? Large enough to hold enough water ( horses drink at least 2 gallons of water a day, with exercise it will be more)   The Kitchen Sink of course.

All ready I have started my serious research on products, bags, tents, rain gear... me and horses... etc...so
I was in REI ( Love that place!) and saw it a 20 liter kitchen sink for camping!   I got one to try, because it is relatively light and folds down to about the size of a breakfast plate.  My little boy is just VERY picky about his water and ? containers?  He hates buckets; I think he hates hitting his head/ eyes drinking out of a bucket.

I rode to the cafe down the mountain today.  Yes the one Wayne suggested to me on Facebook.  It was only 8.8 miles  (17.6 round trip) down the road but it was all I could do because of SEVERAL things...

Really it wasn't that bad, just a lot to take in.

My day started off normal enough, Navarre broke open a hornets nest, so he was bucking, kicking, throwing his head while I was getting stung and trying to stay on, handle Sweet Pea and get out of the curve.  I was only 1/4 mile from the barn and it was a great wake up call!   It's going to be one of those days a little voice in my head started to ramble... those days... a day... not today... yep today for sure!

Not 2 miles away from the barn that metal sound no horse person likes to hear! a shoe... a rear left but only in trot , so we're walking today.  It got a little worse but I walked the rest of the way.

There were a few fits from Sweet Pea, it was just the three Harleys still in my lane buzzzzzing by us and as if we weren't there.  This brought out the whites in her eyes that never went away.  She was wired the rest of the day, yelling for a herd of horses within a mile of finding any down the road.  She was difficult but it wasn't something anyone could blame her for. The good thing to remember as I mention all this buzzzing , is rarely are there Harleys on the road in January.  Goldwings on occasion with all their electrical gear, butt warmers, hand warmers and plugs for anything else you can imagine; but no deep sounding glaring shinny monsters called a Harley.

Poor Sweet Pea I was making her life a little difficult today!   I took away her lead mare status, and was riding Navarre as lead horse, this alone was enough to upset her beyond repair.  But on my trip I will have to switch who is carrying the pack and who I ride from day to day so neither is worn out from the weight the pack animal will have to carry!  It is different for a horse to carry an object that keeps no balance and packing  it is an art I will have to learn.

Today was only proof that I STINK at packing an animal!   I packed lunch for the horses, a 1/2 bail of hay, lead ropes, the sink for testing purposes, knife, etc... lots of tools ... today it was just STUFF, for weight, and practice.    GOOD THING I'M Practicing this months ahead.    I have a LOT not just a lot but a LLLLOOOOOTTTTT to learn.

Hay fell off, down the road only one more thing to add to the list.  But the horses were perfect! Standing not 3 feet off the highway unpacking, re packing, I was concentrating so hard I never saw the guy walking up to me.
He asked if he could help, and I took him up on his offer.  If you want to help you can keep that horse from eating grass!   He's diabetic and I can't do both.  The guys name was Zach, his wife's name was Amber and they had two little children, one in diapers.  So after I got Sweet Pea settled again ( I was hoping) I offered to put his kids on Navarre.    I said thank you so much, he stated that he didn't do anything!   Oh yea as if someone watching your children as you repair something is nothing!   You did me a HUGE favor... thanks so much.

As I was pulling off, a nice man and his grandson were walking down the road to us, each with a shirt full of apples.  Oh Thank you but they can't have them! I know..it almost sounds abusive! but all too true!  It sparked questions and then we exchanged stories as I stood in the middle of the road as cars passed us all quiet and slow.  His three horses ran up to meet us ( wanting their share of the apples no doubt) as we just chatted.    It was so nice, this is exactly what I love doing, meeting new people, each of these were helping and sharing.  This is what life is about! In that respect is was a GREAT DAY!

People were amazing today!  99% of road travelers today were so nice, slowing down, waving, waking up the kids in the back seat, snapping pictures of us ( if ANYONE has a photo of us... can you send it to me Please!) .  I actually had to flag a few of them to pass me etc... and today crossing a wooden bridge the cars in both directions actually WAITED for me!

I tied the horses up at the cafe, Sweet Pea called out the entire time I was there.

The ride home was hard, because I rode Sweet Pea!   She was so wired it was exhausting, but Navarre needed to be on the curb / in the grass and I figured I could handle it.  I did, but I don't want to have to do that all the time.    I know these days will happen on the trip as well so may as well get it down pat as much as I can.

a perfect end to the day... was Jerry took me out to dinner at a new place~  Thanks to my lovely Step-Daughter Gypsy!   Love you ! Thank you!   it was PERFECT!

short version.
found fold able container for water.
hard days ride.

Next post.
I figured out some things with traffic and horses freaking! Stay Tuned! I'm happy to share what I have learned.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

making a list? where do I start?

1. I will need a tent.  I have a small two man tent, but I need to water proof it again just to make sure I'm good.

2. I will need a good below freezing sleeping bag.  Chris (no last names) ... has offered me one of his, I'll take my other for a pad, as I believe a pad is going to be too bulky for the horses as all the other supplies I will need.

3. I need a stove.  Yep... I'll need warm water at night and first thing in the morning... I'll be forced to take instant dried foods for myself and ask for water along the way.  I know of a motorcycle stove a mere 6 inches in size and perfect for heating water.  No gas to carry only matches and bricks as fuel.  This is the one thing that will make my life a little easier.   If anyone has one that they are willing to share for this trip please contact me.  Otherwise my dimes are being put back as I type. 

4. I will take only one change of clothes no matter how many days at a time I am out.  I will however take all the under garments I will need for daily changes and more.

So thus far, my weight will be under garments, sleeping clothes... (cant mess up someone else's sleeping bag) a stove, fuel bricks, two sleeping bags, tent, plastic for under tent, my dried food, TWO one litter stainless water containers, head lamp, flashlight, and yet another flashlight.

My issues with supplies will be
1.  HAY! I think I'll start feeding the horses some hay stretcher, creating more of a custom complete feed instead of feeding him a 1/2 bail  or more a day.

2. OIL for Navarre! this is heavy and he requires lots of it. over two cups a day!

3. Supplements for Navarre.  He doesn't get real horse feed, and his health issues require added items. too many to list here.

4. Ropes to tie the horses up at night.  I can not allow them to roam and I can't even allow Navarre to graze.

5. sliding links for tie

6. ONE hay bag but I need at least two flakes of hay a day ? THIS is going to be the main issue for Navarre.  In old days this would not be an issue... as any tiny town would have a stable/ paddock and hay for travelers.    Today with his medical conditions I can not having him changing his diet every 12 hours... 

7. WATER is the other main issue for the Navarre.  Sweet Pea will drink when she needs to ... Navarre will dehydrate with his condition all too easy.  Yes I give him electrolytes to help him/force him to drink but even with that he is just a strange animal.  Water too would have been available all up and down my travels in times past, but today I will have to ask for water for myself and my horses as I travel.

These are all just my basics ... having not done a dry run yet, but I'm working on it.  Then we shall see how bad it is going to be.

Friday, August 26, 2011


I've been going through shoes on the horses like crazy! 
It's not the normal ride for a horse ... being on pavement every day, but my Ferrier has been a GIFT.

His work is incredible! 
His work ethic hard to come by these days!   We had an appointment for today! instead of just not showing up like many do; or coming late and expecting me to understand? Stacy calls! 

He calls to make sure I'm ok with the situation, that my horses are going to be ok till he can get there etc...  His work is always his best, and if I were not happy with something he creates a relationship with his customers so I would be able to express my concerns and us talk about it! 

Stacy and I were talking and will continue to experiment, and discuss things as we get closer to my ride.

I want... an extra pair of shoes... in the emergency trailer (I can hopefully get someone to drive if I need it! ) This way if I can't get him to come in an emergency I can at least trailer the horses to him and have most of the work done! IF not once past my no return point have someone else put them on if I have to.

I want something to help the horses with ice and snow! I can't have them do this much road work barefoot, so the cold metal will collect all sorts of issues... He is working on snow pads, or ice boots... he will give me more info at later date ( it was after all a short call.. I was working and he was working) 

BUT he did bring up a GREAT idea for research! 

One of the horses will have to be a "pack mule" as I have to take a tent, sleeping bag, food (for all of us) etc.. 
He brought up Panniers?  I researched them and there are several on ebay as of today! 

It is a thought! BUT I was going to ride in that western saddle? if for no other reason than safety! I would rather ride bareback pad but I think .... Husband and Mother might have a say about that one! 
It is a thought!  back to the drawing board! 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Safety List.

Safety is first thing on my mind!
SO as I have read, drooled over, and dreamed through this magazine for years. called YOUR HORSE  One of the things that has ALWAYS caught my attention is their safety gear!   A hack on the road is no big deal in the UK, lots do it, and it is not unusual for people to hack from farm to farm. They have Road Safety Test for riders...  So they have some of the best gear I have ever seen!

I've ordered some! Equisafety  check out their site! You will be impressed and if your not, I can't help you!

So I have ordered Polite gear in Pink and Yellow to throw over the horses, as well as a PLEASE SLOW DOWN vest for myself!

I ordered nose bands, ankle reflectors, so now I can use my ankle reflectors on myself instead of putting them on the horses. ( they make them for runners, but I've used them for riding for months now)

I already have RED LED lights for their tails that FLASH!  I'll just need to get more batteries!
I have a miner lamp for my helmet, but again will need more batteries as well.
I need to refresh my flashlight, and pack my shaking light for emergencies.
I will be wearing my bright yellow motorcycle jacket on the ride for more safety, I do this most winters anyway so on we go...

Boots or snow pads for the horses shoes are all ready being discussed.  Otherwise I'll be picking more than I want to.

I so often hear about people riding from place to place to fill that voice in their hearts, but I can't seem to find the daily grind of getting it prepared, or the ins and outs of the ride itself.  So this has been added to my goals/ bucket list!  Make a journal of this journey!

What you have to understand about me is... I over think everything! But when it comes to the safety, care, and needs of my horses they come first and I have to be prepared for the worst!

So here we go!  I know I will over do it, BUT I am OPEN to ideas, proven examples, and suggestions from ANY horse person out there!   I'm not a professional rider and this is not a professional job.  Just a journal of my thoughts, worries, actions, and eventually my trip with its misery, grace, and pure adrenaline rushes of experiencing life, mother nature, and the relationship with my horses.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ok.. tired of it!

I made my first GOAL list just out of high school and within a short time I had almost everything marked off my list.

I then created another, again I quickly went through it except ONE thing from the previous list.

I have created a mere two more list, and at my age the name of the list has changed, yep... it is now called my bucket list.

All my years I have that ONE thing that keeps haunting me,   I'm tired of it! I will not live in regret!

So... with all the strikes against me I've got to get it done.
I can't take a month off of work as needed for my trip.
I am not even sure if I can work it out to travel one full week at a time.
I have two horses to worry about, one having extreme issues with health, but if he can ... I can...

So this WINTER... YES Winter, I am going to start my travel on horse back from Asheville back to Joelton!

It will have to be winter... as this is slower time at all three of my jobs... is the only time of the year Navarre is allowed to graze on grass ( only a little). But we will make it work.

Winters here have been lighter as of late, although more wet as well, but ... my ancestors did it why can't I? We have allowed ourselves to be too soft! Life is not suppose to be SOOOO easy all the time, not that it is, but we do tend to make it harder than it has to be; by allowing the fast pace of social expectations into our lives.  I enjoy the slow walk on horseback, and this may just be my best adventure yet.  I'll keep you posted of my progress. ?

I am planning..
I am hoping
I am willing
I am ? crazy... but I've got to get this one thing OFF my list ... then I can go on with the rest of my items in peace! besides I'm getting a little old to allow this one to sit there

Life is too short!
I have always lived my life to the fullest, and this weight has got to go.
Planning is fun! doing this will ... Hurt! oh it is going to be SOOOOOO cold!

Any suggestions welcome!
Any Help welcome!

Monday, August 22, 2011

It's the little things

I know I live in a strange place!  Rarely does someone NOT drive on the wrong side of the road, as they straighten out a curve.  Rarely does someone go the speed limit, and if you do! you're more likely to get hit from behind!

Life is fast, busy, and a pace I never knew it was going to be, but I live it! I hang on, I do my best, and I try to slow it down as much as possible where ever I can.

But tonight it was the simple act of several someones taking turns at a one lane bridge.   (I cross this bridge 6 times a day as I go to and from the barn)  Normally who ever hits their brakes first stops, while the on coming traffic barrels over the creek as fast as possible, more often than not with whom ever behind them stuck to their bumper as if lava rolling down the mountain at them.

Tonight it was the act of kindness of as each person stopped and allowed the next to go.  I was the last one in line, but just seeing the act of kindness was a lift of my spirit.  It was the simple act of each person treating the other as they wanted to be treated.

It is the simple things in life!
From a hand written note, a cold drink of water, down to the daily hum drum of stopping at a one lane bridge and allowing others the right to go instead of TAKING their turn for speed.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Update on to do list on day off.

Well, I forgot to tell you what I did on my day off.

We got in over 40 bails of hay.
Got a flower area planted,
1/2 of the pasture bush hogged before the gravely broke down on me again.

Life is too funny!  as soon as I get rolling something shuts me down quicker than I got started.  But this happens to everyone and at some point in my life I will not be working with a machine my age and will be getting something else to assist me in my management of the estate...

In this economy... it will be a long time before anything changes!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Taking the good with the bad.

Life has its way of weighing us down.  Yesterday was one of those days for me.  While my body was starting to catch up feeling almost normal, now my brain is absent; and I do mean absent....

My work day was stressful NOT because of anyone else but because I could not think straight, ending in personal torcher of sorts.   I left the water at the barn running all night!

Not only is this costly ( not financially) but in EVERY other way... it will cost me time, muscle, and truly body aches as it will require me to leg press a water container of at least 60 gallons of water every other day... yep 60 gallons of water at 8lbs a gallon... only a mere 480lbs to move at least 5 feet;  a little more than a body my size enjoys doing.

But as there is a higher power... no matter the name each group gives this energy/ creator/ and supporter of life... The heavens have just opened allowing me to replace a few hundred gallons of water, but not in any form allowing the make up of over 2,000 gallons I lost last night, as we enter the drier of seasons for our area.. I can only hope I can make it through till rain season in a few more months... only weeks away!

Things we put our selves through! Water! A VERY essential essence of life... and I threw it all away.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I am asked all the time.

Click here to see where I rode yesterday...

6.3 miles, 15 min... trust me it takes longer than 15 minutes on a horse, and it would end up being only slightly over 12 miles as I have to go there and back... where ever I do ride. 

I am always asked where I have ridden, the link above it from My barn... OLD view ... winter, no barn etc..
and over to a girl friends house that happens to have a nice size barn holding about 20+ horses.

We rode over, got water for Navarre, sprayed him off, dried him off,  and re-saddled him and headed back home.

On  the way home I stopped for a bit of water.  Tied the horse to the Pump protector, got a candy bar two bottles of water and headed on our way...

Why would I tell you about the stop? Because just this morning, as my norm is to ask people what they did, what they plan to do... One mentioned they saw a horse at a gas station yesterday.

Yep! He was black and white I replied! Oh you know them!...  the father said.  It was my horse! We were out for our ride, and I stopped to get some water.  On that road!  You can do that? I had never seen that!

I laughed, he asked questions, it really was funny.  But I had to get back to work and needed to get the kitchen cleaned.

Monday, August 15, 2011

in great need.

While my ride yesterday gave me mental stamina ... my body is running out of gas.  So as fate ... and a great boss.. I have Tuesday OFF.

Of course this means it is quickly filling up with things to do.
Call Mike, Get Hay before rain moves in...for the weekend ( I was starting to get worried about that one)
Take care of a package at the PO for Jerry .

just a few normal things that are hard to fit into my schedule as of late.

I'll let you know how it works out!

good start to a Monday.

While Mondays are always gloom... my ride yesterday is carrying me through the dread... I've already lost my first cup of coffee, as I dropped it on the hard wood floors with in seconds of getting it.A beautiful hand made mug I enjoyed... its life was well served!    A new mug and a new pot of coffee on the way.

It is dark outside, but the cool air bellows through the screens around my desk as I work.    I am enjoying the silence, the crickets, and the hum of the fan in the next room.   tap tap of the key board...

While I have a list a mile long to do today... it is starting out well enough,  and I can only hope the same for the rest of the world- MINUS loosing that ever needed nectar of the gods...

Love amber.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Rainy day

While not yet 7am, the morning thus far has been wonderful.  All the windows open, the breeze flows through the house and the sound of the rain is so relaxing it takes me back to times of travel.

Some of my best vacations have been in the rain.
The RAIN FORREST where water is almost constant, but I never imagined it being SO wet. With a raincoat and umbrella, I may as well have been standing in it naked.

Today, we need the rain, so I can not complain in any way... but of course I can only hope it is not so slick that Navarre and I can not go on our long ride for the week.

Yesterday we went on a short ride and he was feeling well enough that he wanted to gallop a little.  We ... Sweet Pea, Navarre, myself and a neighbor were not sure about all the running he wanted to do.  So we walked the entire ride.

I wanted to take him out and let him go.  I can only hope it breaks long enough to do that!

If not... there are always other days to go play.

a break in the weather allowed me to open my raincoat to dry out some.

Athens in the pouring rain... thank goodness for motorcycle jackets, that keep you warm AND dry!
Bora Bora afternoon storm.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Engagements, Rings, Marriage?

I rarely enter my husbands electronic world, but tonight on our short drive together we were discussing a post on one of his hang outs.

While my outside opinion is not asked for specifically I feel compelled to put in my two cents worth.

Described to me...
was a post that stated someone (no he didn't give me names) posted... he had just asked his girlfriend to marry him.  ? no answer to the question was given to me!  What was told to me was... she ? whom ever she is ... said the diamond was too small.

I gasped as Jerry said this.
I was also told, most of the guys on the site said... simply... dump her! etc... If the ring isn't enough what other things aren't going to be good enough over time.

I have a little different approach to the situation, and a doubt many women will be on my side after reading this one.

1. She is a real B...... or she has especially large B...s; not on her side on this one.

2. There are MANY issues with this situation.

     a. He whom ever he is... doesn't have enough confidence in himself to tell her where to go OR not sure of his situation. If a man just reached out his hand this was like a slap in the face.
     b.  He didn't know her well enough to know what she wanted... a $30,000.00 top notch diamond that looks small or a 5,000 dollar piece of crap that is big, more to impress her girlfriends than a sparkle in her heart.
     c.  She doesn't know him well enough to know if he got her anything it would be high quality, or the best he could get at the time.  

3.  These two are not off to a good start, when did a ring start to signify everything and become more than a PRESENT of Faith towards marriage?

I am not sure what is going on is society today, I know a present of faith is just that.

Case in point, I have NEVER liked diamonds, my first mistake purchased me a marquee cut diamond to the best of his ability at the time.  Did I tell him I hated diamonds?   NO ... I accepted it with grace.

Jerry purchased me my one carat ruby... what I really wanted... and by the way can be way... more expensive than a diamond.  So while some in SOCIETY look down on (my beautiful) ruby, he knew me well enough to know I didn't like the normal.  This guy who ever you are should have know your girl well enough to know what she 1/2 way expected.  If you got a reaction you were not ready for... you better take it at face value because nothing is going to change!   That is who she is... The core of who she is ... is done! If you choose her! You asked for what ever you get.

This is how a bad marriage can start!
These two are not on the same page... and thinking of marriage... good luck!


It is funny how glancing over  pictures can bring back such strong memories.

I was in Peru, where women were carrying baskets of corn on their heads.  One put her basket down at the corner, next to the entrance of a store and I snapped a few photos as she was busy tending to other business.

I wish I could have tasted such diverse types of corn, and while I probably did, I had no knowledge of it.

I so enjoy the richness of other cultures.  I can smell the market as I scroll through photos.

What makes you think back to a special time?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

His and Mine.

While my love is stressing over the negotiations for his new car, he figured I would come home tired but ready to talk about all of it.

Yeah Right!

My day at the B&B... was too funny for words.
My day was going along... Waiting for guest to check in as I made a bed upstairs, vacuumed the floors etc... of course in between getting drinks, covered berries, and special packages together for each arrival.

As I was checking in my second guest of the day... showing them their private entrance, when I saw a bellow of smoke come around the corner of the house, so I quickly shut their door as it was merging into their room?   Give me a moment.... ALARMS, BELLS, WHISTLES, STROBE LIGHTS RED LIGHTS... all the workings of a fire alarm system...

So I QUICKLY walk to the kitchen... GUYS ... WHAT'S UP!  Where's the fire?   No fire... knocked over a fire extinguisher.... All this being yelled through a white cloud of ? something...   The fire alarm was so loud I had to cover my ears, Trust me that stuff will choke you. I was coughing for hours, got a wet towel and made it outside AFTER checking on the guest again...

They were fine, I told them we were fine as well.

There are no words to describe the contents of a tiny two litter fire extinguisher.  It covered my entire kitchen, My entire cleaning area even into the fridge/freezer room.   THREE rooms!
The fire trucks made it to the building in no time! Nice to know... All those well built, cute young things got off, out, and came from around those trucks like... there was a fire somewhere.  It's OK... no fire! They were nice, laughing at us, but nice all the same.  They did get out their fans, blew the place out, deemed the structure safe and turned off the alarms.

As they packed up their fans, the aftermath was laughable... The entire kitchen EVERYTHING was white! Fine but thick coating of white ...  my shoes, my clothes, the plates, the veggies on the counter.  What a day! I collected everything I needed to make breakfast, washed a sink, washed everything I needed for prep, washed utensils, pots, pans, EVEN INSIDE the oven was coated... the guys that created the Christmas in August were all a flutter, cleaning my stove, oven, cabinets, moping floors; they did much more than I ever expected them to.  They put me at ease.

CRAP I didn't check the pilots! great! I'll call Leslie!

The powder eventually made it into the welcome room, breakfast room, dinning room all because I was having to go back and forth into the kitchen a million times for things as guest were coming in, needing information, checking the IPad.. (it is my communication with my boss)

Thank goodness we have 10 eyes, 3 ovens, and LOTS of extras to make breakfast...
I had already set the dinning room for tomorrow, but had to dip those glasses, plates, utensils everything...

Just one more thing in my life we all get to laugh at!   Have a belly full on me!
What a day!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Now everyone else can laugh too!

I worked on a farm once that I enjoyed so much I vowed to use a few of the owners processes of management.  This man had a tractor for every job, not an attachment to be changed for every issue.  You could get a weeks worth of work done in two days because you didn't mess with the issues of parking, detaching and perfectly lining up to and attaching the next attachment.

Not until today did I realize I took this vision a little too far!
You gotta laugh at this one!

For a family of two... Who I claim to live below their means... We have so many vehicles it's not funny.

Get a load of this!
Ford Explorer (soon to convert into business vehicle only)  ... used to haul motorcycles, pick up customers with issues, comfort driving long distances. But we hate the gas mileage, with a passion.
Ford F250...   used to haul hay, manure, supplies and horses... not a vehicle we drive everyday.
Honda Insight... used as an everyday vehicle 12 years old and still getting over 50 miles to the gallon, who could afford to let that one go?

Business has      Ducati 1098   and      BMW K1200s   both used for engineering purposes! ha ha ha...

Now the husband is adding the Mini as his everyday vehicle We are going to look like a family / auto lot!

BUT there all paid for... So who can come down on us?

The 250 is a diesel and low mileage... People try to buy it all the time! even though she's my only means of horse hauling and beat to H#!!  I have men make offers all the time.
The Explorer is low mileage, as Jerry is a hermit communicating more though the written word than face to face.  Somewhat due to his hearing loss, but ? not really he's always been that way.  This vehicle will soon become very low mileage as it will be driven maybe once or twice a month when the mini comes along.
My car... Please ... I am constantly on the go, constantly going from one appointment to the next, this car was the best thing I ever purchased!   Jerry hates it, but I enjoy it not only because it's fun to drive but... saves me so much at the pump.

I once followed my Aunt and Uncle from Nashville to Gatlinburg... In doing so, Steve filled up his SUV in Nashville, again when almost there!  He was pumping his gas, I got out to stretch.  He said your feet must be killing you, in that Flintstones of a car!   Oh yeah I said ... but I haven't used 1/4 tank of gas... your filling up again!   He didn't say another word about my car after the joke he was trying to pull on me turned out to back fired on him.

I have to laugh!

more info tomorrow!

Life is just funny when you look at your own life from an outsiders point of view!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Grind

Yep... still with the two extra birds, the three extra horses, Pirates' Lair office work, and the B&B today.

I am however so lucky I'm not expected for breakfast this morning, only to turn over rooms, and check in guest today.  I can't say it enough; my boss is a wonderful human.  I wish all could treat people this way, if all people in charge were so aware of the needs of their workers, we could all enjoy our jobs and give it over 100% which is really what a boss wants any way.

I do have to say the only thing I really miss in my life is the time to engross myself in a book, but this is nothing for the piece of mind of caring for my horses the way they need as the cold harsh winters will be here soon and I will have stashed my working rewards for just such a day.

I do want to share... Husband is looking for a new, used car.  I was saddened to come home Friday and see the same vehicle in the drive.  He deserves a NEW car but our life dictates that we stay within our means and do as we promised each other long ago... not to put the other in dept ... just in-case something happened tomorrow.  

Yes it sounds like we are doom and gloom people, but were not, we just are set in our ways so nothing changes our way of life... ( nothing that is with in our control I should say)   Could you pay off EVERYTHING you owe out as a couple if heaven forbid tragedy struck your family tonight?  Considering his life revolves around speed, and the ability of drivers around him; and my life revolves around the ability to communicate with a 1,000 lb animal.  Life insurance helps but it would not be enough for the rest of a life (the way it is) if one of us were not here tomorrow.    It's something else to think about on this typical dreaded Monday grind of a day... But one of the things most refuse to admit to themselves!  but in my mind if you don't like the conversation as a couple, then think about it in terms of your children.  Make sure your children are not going to be effected by such a life change as loosing a parent.

We are ok as a couple.... if I do say so myself.  I love the fact we ground each other with reality instead of glamour and glitz...   While we each support and even push the other to do what they want, we both exibit serious restraint on spending any money....   What else could a wife ask for.  An Equal? When did that happen? ha ha ha...

Much love to you all!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

lots on my to do list today...

Two extra birds in my house.... I so enjoy them!  I welcome the laughs from their mono log rattle morning and night. If you have never been around a talking bird it is such a laugh!

Three extra horses to tend to today... one needing medical attention four times a day.  It is all about scheduling, and being back at the right place at the right time today!

I love the fact I can pull in a little extra money doing things I really enjoy.
Bringing in horses, making sure water, feed, hay, medical needs are all met ... mucking, skipping, and stripping stalls is enjoyable to some of us.  A psychological zone that pays me instead of me forking out money for a therapist is incredible.

Around here most barns have a wonderful view, and this place is no exception.

I enjoy what I do!
Thank goodness!

much love to you all.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Smart Pak... for a peaceful mind

I finally spent the money! Yep!

I am starting to worry ... for those of you that know me ... I'm really about to freak out!

While Jerry has again planned an incredible vacation... One hotel so remote you have to kayac the amazon to get to and from the hotel.  My sweet love is INCREDIBLE, but leaving a horse as sick as Navarre is about to get the best of me.

So SmartPak it is! Click Here to connect to their site.

You haven't heard of them? Well let me tell you what piece of mind this gives me.  I just had custom packets made for Navarre!  So now when I leave all I have to do is have a bag of his feed, and a packet (with his name on it from SmartPaks ) so no matter who helps me with my feedings I'm not freaking out!

I will have to explain more than one pack a day is dangerous, as smartpaks allow me to control the dosage before it is created...  But this way I also get to visually see if he was fed, when I get back etc...

While YES it is expensive they allow me to control how often I get the packs as well.   So I have a pack made for our trip this fall and I have a pack ready to be made for what ever we do this winter or early spring. We only travel in the off season!   It's perfect for us, cheaper, and ... no kids!

I like how they will assist you with your needs, and they are a good source of information, description etc...
I wanted to copy and paste an example from their site but it would not allow it! sorry guys I tried.

They have educational tools, Vet conversations.  While it is not where I get my info for Navarre's PPSM it is a good support site for getting things that are hard to find.  XMPL... I got Vitamin E without selenium .  I can get E but it always comes with selenium and you can really over do and harm a horse with too much of a good thing, but the E dosage needed to be increased so... I ordered a BUCKET of the stuff along with the packs!

more later!

Much love to you all.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some times it's hard.

Some times its just heart breaking when you go to the barn and RED is the color you see.


Got there tonight and Navarre had fresh RED running down his hind leg.  I can only assume in one of her typical mare fits Sweet Pea got good contact on Navarre, before he could get out of the way.

Had it been earlier in the day I would have called for some stitches but being almost 8pm his wound is not worth the emergency call. So I glued it back together and smothered it in dry cut... then with swat... all in pink! not the new clear stuff.  I like to see how my coverage is working, so I shall do exactly that as the next few days pass.

One more thing at the barn.  I have to say scars are not an issue on a white horse, the hair is already white so if it grows back it's not an issue at all.

For those of you who are not horse people, when a horse gets a deep scar it grows back as white! ? don't ask me why but it happens.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What is it that requires me to have a horse?

I wish I could blame it on my maternal grandfather, whom of course fed my every whim, and encouraged me to do anything the boys did.    As the only grandchild of that day I had a pony by the age of three.  Of course he chased the pigs and had to find a new home by my age of 5.  I will never forget that day! YEP! My father held me in his arms at the front porch as my paw paw helped the new owners load my best friend and take him away.  I was crying, bawling more like it! I had to drive by his new house, new owner... Lisa everyday.  It was heart breaking for years.

No matter the reason the issue is I am not a person with out a horse.  I have had several, and if I didn't have one, I found one to ride.  I miss friendships that surrounded horses, like Blaze! A beautiful horse of a friends, a friend I wish I still had on a daily basis but... she moved to a private school, got married, had children, and our lives drifted apart.  

I tried for several years to go without a horse, but my heart ached, my mind froze, and my body went limp.  Now I have TWO horses, both a present from my dear love, both whom get more attention than my sweet loving husband, but so do his motorcycles!  

What is it about a horse?
The look?
It makes me tear up when I see a horse run with a passion, bucking, rearing, and enjoying the day.  I can only imagine the thoughts, its joy of freedom, and its lust for life.

The smell?
Oh just to smell a horse, unlike other animals there is little of a horse I can not handle.  While no one likes the ammonia of sitting horse pee.... this is the humans fault! as horses don't choose to burn their lungs any more than we do.  But even the poop of a horse is bearable to me, the smell of their breath, the smell of their fur, and the way they make the air around them smell that much sweeter by just being what they are.  A majestic animal that has the power to engulf me and carry me into another world all together.

The feel?
Oh the softest of feelings is the nose of a horse, The strongest is the rump of a horse, and the fact that they can access both is amazing.  A horse can be a soft or as strong as is needed, is required of a rider, or sadly enough as tough as people make them.  

While some think horses are stupid, not as smart as a dog! I beg to differ, and invite those non belivers to my barn.  Where my horses back up! and get out of "my room" ( the feed/hay stall) on verbal command.  They respond left/ right, over etc... all on a trail.   They associate my verbal commands with that of my hands and legs and are learning to respond in accordance to the request.  No different than a dog!

I believe it is the emotional pull of a horse that is the most additive to me.  It is that "perfect" ride! The one where human and horse are one, I think it, they do it.   It is that childhood dream of floating on a cloud, with the wind in your face,and the power beneath you so you don't fall.    

Sweet Pea is slow to trust, Navarre is who he is no matter the situation.
Sweet Pea has never OPENED UP and just let it go, she is more protective of me, Navarre, and any other rider, but let her loose and she is as graceful as the wind, as fearsome as water with its silent strength, a delight to watch move when she is happy.

Navarre is level headed ... He is still too young for me to OPEN UP completely, but he has on his own in senseless chase of Sweet Pea as he has no real speed. But his power is so complete it is fearful! When he unleashes the strength in his hind end it is unreal, breath taking, and I am in awe... His mane catches in the wind and blows up into my face as I gracefully ride up and down on his every move.  A mane so fairy tail like it makes the childhood dreams of floating on a cloud a reality!

Why do I go through so much for these horses? Where will you draw the line? I am asked these all the time.  They are a part of my heart that no human can touch, they are as much of me as a child would be, and I am not a good human with out them.  I will go through what I can, I will do all I can, and I will protect and assist these animals in every way I have possible to me.   They are me! I see my faults in them, I see my pain in them, I see the good person I want to be in them, the mean "mare" I can be at times, and the silly gelding I am when I am in a good mood.    We are a package!  

Thank goodness I have a husband that has his passions as well.  Otherwise this " love affair" with my horses would not be possible in my marriage.

Thank you honey! I do love you! and I'd love to have you ride with me, to the top of the mountain where the wild flowers blanket the landscape in beautiful colors of spring, or gazing down on the colors of fall.  Life is beautiful and slow from the back of a horse.

What ever your passion I hope you enjoy it!

Monday, August 1, 2011


August was originally called Sextilis, as the sixth month in the earlier calenders. 

August: named after Augustus, the first Roman Emperor