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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Taking the good with the bad.

Life has its way of weighing us down.  Yesterday was one of those days for me.  While my body was starting to catch up feeling almost normal, now my brain is absent; and I do mean absent....

My work day was stressful NOT because of anyone else but because I could not think straight, ending in personal torcher of sorts.   I left the water at the barn running all night!

Not only is this costly ( not financially) but in EVERY other way... it will cost me time, muscle, and truly body aches as it will require me to leg press a water container of at least 60 gallons of water every other day... yep 60 gallons of water at 8lbs a gallon... only a mere 480lbs to move at least 5 feet;  a little more than a body my size enjoys doing.

But as there is a higher power... no matter the name each group gives this energy/ creator/ and supporter of life... The heavens have just opened allowing me to replace a few hundred gallons of water, but not in any form allowing the make up of over 2,000 gallons I lost last night, as we enter the drier of seasons for our area.. I can only hope I can make it through till rain season in a few more months... only weeks away!

Things we put our selves through! Water! A VERY essential essence of life... and I threw it all away.

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