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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I am asked all the time.

Click here to see where I rode yesterday...

6.3 miles, 15 min... trust me it takes longer than 15 minutes on a horse, and it would end up being only slightly over 12 miles as I have to go there and back... where ever I do ride. 

I am always asked where I have ridden, the link above it from My barn... OLD view ... winter, no barn etc..
and over to a girl friends house that happens to have a nice size barn holding about 20+ horses.

We rode over, got water for Navarre, sprayed him off, dried him off,  and re-saddled him and headed back home.

On  the way home I stopped for a bit of water.  Tied the horse to the Pump protector, got a candy bar two bottles of water and headed on our way...

Why would I tell you about the stop? Because just this morning, as my norm is to ask people what they did, what they plan to do... One mentioned they saw a horse at a gas station yesterday.

Yep! He was black and white I replied! Oh you know them!...  the father said.  It was my horse! We were out for our ride, and I stopped to get some water.  On that road!  You can do that? I had never seen that!

I laughed, he asked questions, it really was funny.  But I had to get back to work and needed to get the kitchen cleaned.

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