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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

His and Mine.

While my love is stressing over the negotiations for his new car, he figured I would come home tired but ready to talk about all of it.

Yeah Right!

My day at the B&B... was too funny for words.
My day was going along... Waiting for guest to check in as I made a bed upstairs, vacuumed the floors etc... of course in between getting drinks, covered berries, and special packages together for each arrival.

As I was checking in my second guest of the day... showing them their private entrance, when I saw a bellow of smoke come around the corner of the house, so I quickly shut their door as it was merging into their room?   Give me a moment.... ALARMS, BELLS, WHISTLES, STROBE LIGHTS RED LIGHTS... all the workings of a fire alarm system...

So I QUICKLY walk to the kitchen... GUYS ... WHAT'S UP!  Where's the fire?   No fire... knocked over a fire extinguisher.... All this being yelled through a white cloud of ? something...   The fire alarm was so loud I had to cover my ears, Trust me that stuff will choke you. I was coughing for hours, got a wet towel and made it outside AFTER checking on the guest again...

They were fine, I told them we were fine as well.

There are no words to describe the contents of a tiny two litter fire extinguisher.  It covered my entire kitchen, My entire cleaning area even into the fridge/freezer room.   THREE rooms!
The fire trucks made it to the building in no time! Nice to know... All those well built, cute young things got off, out, and came from around those trucks like... there was a fire somewhere.  It's OK... no fire! They were nice, laughing at us, but nice all the same.  They did get out their fans, blew the place out, deemed the structure safe and turned off the alarms.

As they packed up their fans, the aftermath was laughable... The entire kitchen EVERYTHING was white! Fine but thick coating of white ...  my shoes, my clothes, the plates, the veggies on the counter.  What a day! I collected everything I needed to make breakfast, washed a sink, washed everything I needed for prep, washed utensils, pots, pans, EVEN INSIDE the oven was coated... the guys that created the Christmas in August were all a flutter, cleaning my stove, oven, cabinets, moping floors; they did much more than I ever expected them to.  They put me at ease.

CRAP I didn't check the pilots! great! I'll call Leslie!

The powder eventually made it into the welcome room, breakfast room, dinning room all because I was having to go back and forth into the kitchen a million times for things as guest were coming in, needing information, checking the IPad.. (it is my communication with my boss)

Thank goodness we have 10 eyes, 3 ovens, and LOTS of extras to make breakfast...
I had already set the dinning room for tomorrow, but had to dip those glasses, plates, utensils everything...

Just one more thing in my life we all get to laugh at!   Have a belly full on me!
What a day!

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