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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ok.. tired of it!

I made my first GOAL list just out of high school and within a short time I had almost everything marked off my list.

I then created another, again I quickly went through it except ONE thing from the previous list.

I have created a mere two more list, and at my age the name of the list has changed, yep... it is now called my bucket list.

All my years I have that ONE thing that keeps haunting me,   I'm tired of it! I will not live in regret!

So... with all the strikes against me I've got to get it done.
I can't take a month off of work as needed for my trip.
I am not even sure if I can work it out to travel one full week at a time.
I have two horses to worry about, one having extreme issues with health, but if he can ... I can...

So this WINTER... YES Winter, I am going to start my travel on horse back from Asheville back to Joelton!

It will have to be winter... as this is slower time at all three of my jobs... is the only time of the year Navarre is allowed to graze on grass ( only a little). But we will make it work.

Winters here have been lighter as of late, although more wet as well, but ... my ancestors did it why can't I? We have allowed ourselves to be too soft! Life is not suppose to be SOOOO easy all the time, not that it is, but we do tend to make it harder than it has to be; by allowing the fast pace of social expectations into our lives.  I enjoy the slow walk on horseback, and this may just be my best adventure yet.  I'll keep you posted of my progress. ?

I am planning..
I am hoping
I am willing
I am ? crazy... but I've got to get this one thing OFF my list ... then I can go on with the rest of my items in peace! besides I'm getting a little old to allow this one to sit there

Life is too short!
I have always lived my life to the fullest, and this weight has got to go.
Planning is fun! doing this will ... Hurt! oh it is going to be SOOOOOO cold!

Any suggestions welcome!
Any Help welcome!

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