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Sunday, August 7, 2011

lots on my to do list today...

Two extra birds in my house.... I so enjoy them!  I welcome the laughs from their mono log rattle morning and night. If you have never been around a talking bird it is such a laugh!

Three extra horses to tend to today... one needing medical attention four times a day.  It is all about scheduling, and being back at the right place at the right time today!

I love the fact I can pull in a little extra money doing things I really enjoy.
Bringing in horses, making sure water, feed, hay, medical needs are all met ... mucking, skipping, and stripping stalls is enjoyable to some of us.  A psychological zone that pays me instead of me forking out money for a therapist is incredible.

Around here most barns have a wonderful view, and this place is no exception.

I enjoy what I do!
Thank goodness!

much love to you all.

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