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Saturday, August 27, 2011

making a list? where do I start?

1. I will need a tent.  I have a small two man tent, but I need to water proof it again just to make sure I'm good.

2. I will need a good below freezing sleeping bag.  Chris (no last names) ... has offered me one of his, I'll take my other for a pad, as I believe a pad is going to be too bulky for the horses as all the other supplies I will need.

3. I need a stove.  Yep... I'll need warm water at night and first thing in the morning... I'll be forced to take instant dried foods for myself and ask for water along the way.  I know of a motorcycle stove a mere 6 inches in size and perfect for heating water.  No gas to carry only matches and bricks as fuel.  This is the one thing that will make my life a little easier.   If anyone has one that they are willing to share for this trip please contact me.  Otherwise my dimes are being put back as I type. 

4. I will take only one change of clothes no matter how many days at a time I am out.  I will however take all the under garments I will need for daily changes and more.

So thus far, my weight will be under garments, sleeping clothes... (cant mess up someone else's sleeping bag) a stove, fuel bricks, two sleeping bags, tent, plastic for under tent, my dried food, TWO one litter stainless water containers, head lamp, flashlight, and yet another flashlight.

My issues with supplies will be
1.  HAY! I think I'll start feeding the horses some hay stretcher, creating more of a custom complete feed instead of feeding him a 1/2 bail  or more a day.

2. OIL for Navarre! this is heavy and he requires lots of it. over two cups a day!

3. Supplements for Navarre.  He doesn't get real horse feed, and his health issues require added items. too many to list here.

4. Ropes to tie the horses up at night.  I can not allow them to roam and I can't even allow Navarre to graze.

5. sliding links for tie

6. ONE hay bag but I need at least two flakes of hay a day ? THIS is going to be the main issue for Navarre.  In old days this would not be an issue... as any tiny town would have a stable/ paddock and hay for travelers.    Today with his medical conditions I can not having him changing his diet every 12 hours... 

7. WATER is the other main issue for the Navarre.  Sweet Pea will drink when she needs to ... Navarre will dehydrate with his condition all too easy.  Yes I give him electrolytes to help him/force him to drink but even with that he is just a strange animal.  Water too would have been available all up and down my travels in times past, but today I will have to ask for water for myself and my horses as I travel.

These are all just my basics ... having not done a dry run yet, but I'm working on it.  Then we shall see how bad it is going to be.

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