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Friday, August 26, 2011


I've been going through shoes on the horses like crazy! 
It's not the normal ride for a horse ... being on pavement every day, but my Ferrier has been a GIFT.

His work is incredible! 
His work ethic hard to come by these days!   We had an appointment for today! instead of just not showing up like many do; or coming late and expecting me to understand? Stacy calls! 

He calls to make sure I'm ok with the situation, that my horses are going to be ok till he can get there etc...  His work is always his best, and if I were not happy with something he creates a relationship with his customers so I would be able to express my concerns and us talk about it! 

Stacy and I were talking and will continue to experiment, and discuss things as we get closer to my ride.

I want... an extra pair of shoes... in the emergency trailer (I can hopefully get someone to drive if I need it! ) This way if I can't get him to come in an emergency I can at least trailer the horses to him and have most of the work done! IF not once past my no return point have someone else put them on if I have to.

I want something to help the horses with ice and snow! I can't have them do this much road work barefoot, so the cold metal will collect all sorts of issues... He is working on snow pads, or ice boots... he will give me more info at later date ( it was after all a short call.. I was working and he was working) 

BUT he did bring up a GREAT idea for research! 

One of the horses will have to be a "pack mule" as I have to take a tent, sleeping bag, food (for all of us) etc.. 
He brought up Panniers?  I researched them and there are several on ebay as of today! 

It is a thought! BUT I was going to ride in that western saddle? if for no other reason than safety! I would rather ride bareback pad but I think .... Husband and Mother might have a say about that one! 
It is a thought!  back to the drawing board! 

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