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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We... Jerry and I have tightened our belts, even more than normal, this year; and in doing so I did not spend the extra money on purchasing a Gypsy Vanner Calendar.  I generally need a calender on every floor so not to miss something in my life.

My lovely step-daughter always gets Jerry and I both our own calenders, we so look forward to getting them! I got mine for Christmas this year.  A lovely horse calender, as I sat in the plush, fluffy, large chair glanced at the back of the calender to see the examples... as my eyes widened and my heart started to pound... oh no it can't be... so I opened the calender and a some what larger photo example just above December... and that was ALL it took for me!

My heart stopped, my body went into convulsions trying to get out of that chair... I knocked over something, trying to get around the foot stool.  Jerry, Barb, and Donna all looked at me like I was crazy!  

It's him, It's my baby!  Jerry just looked at me with a blank face, Poor Donna and Barb didn't know what to think... it was likely the first time they had seen me in such an uncontrollable state of mind.  Are you sure? It does kinda look like him.

Of course this just upset me... as if I didn't know my own child! Kinda my ASS, IT IS NAVARRE, ok... ok he said... forget it!  I'll prove it to you when we get home.

So here You all make the call!

I've taken the photo of September and focused more on What I say is my horse...
And now... I am adding a proof, sent to me.... from Mark Barrett... who just happens to have had this calender printed...

while I am NOT able to blow up these proofs... I will add more... of Navarre from that same day of shooting.
And while the light is different... I have other photos of Navarre that day...
So is it Navarre?
You tell us!


  1. Amber I am with you...it looks like the pictures in the calendar were taken the same day as the others. I think it is him.

  2. It is HIM sis... I called just to make sure. WR paid to have the pictures made, this is why I did not have any notice. Besides he was only 5 or 6 months old... he is almost 4 now.

  3. That is unbelievable!! How cool is that!! He is such a lovely boy, too - Gypsy Varners are those exquisite animals that exist only in my dreams...you are so fortunate to have your own dream pony!!

  4. ...that should say "Gypsy Vanner," not "Varner..." Sorry! That was my southern accent coming through!

  5. you are TOO correct, I'll have to find my mishap! Thank you VERY much.

  6. Please NEVER worry about public miss hap's I wish we had spell check on these things...