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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yesterday, Friday was wounderful.

It ended with me sitting on the front porch of my friends house looking out to the perfectly framed landscape. So relaxed my eye was able to move slowly, peacefully like a child face relaxing as it falls into sleep. Seeing from the sky down, watching the sun set in full color behind the far away blue mountain scape, framed by the nearer lush trees, just to the back of the pasture where my beautiful horses were peacefully grazing. Sitting upon a nice porch bed atop the pasture, the noises were so peaceful even the most alarming human would have taken in a deep breath of relief. My friends are gone or I would have never invaded their space this way (it was after all only the front porch) but like everything else in life we know there are beautiful things around us, people say please come, sit, enjoy your time here. I rarely stop in their estate because it is so perfectly arranged much like a European ground that allows a person to wonder and be surprised buy the next turn.

This small but ample estate includes the horse stalls I rent, the pasture and supply area. An incredible grass garden, water garden, patio garden, rose garden, English garden, tea garden, and meditation garden. Not to diminish the food garden and green house. The gardens are ever changing as Joe is so perfectly organized and encourages the next bloomers to be on time nourished by the greenhouse. Tulips this year were more beautiful than that of the Biltmore, told to me by this years visitors. Missed by them was the total display of all the allium. Allium of all colors, sizes and heights. I’ve never known so many to exist, much less displayed and timed to keep a spring garden going till summer flowers are bursting at the seams.

I so enjoy being the only human at Joe’s barn.. But I have enjoyed learning more and more by watching these gardens change over the seasons, and see how nature can be more beautiful than any canvas could portray.

Peace, Sitting, watching my horses graze the pasture while hearing the water run in the medication garden along the stretch of the drive, perfectly dividing their estate from the next. Yesterday ended as a good day.

Today it’s not yet 9 as I type but I’ve been to the barn, the community garden and have a full list for the rest of the day. I’ll check in again later. It’s beautiful outside

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  1. Oh my, what a lovely musing of the morning. I can experience a bit of your peacefullness just knowing the space from which you sit. I am so very grateful you had the opportunity to sit and rest "a spell". You are soon to be a birthday girl...

    Thank you for your words today, I needed them.