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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back on track.

Yesterday ended up being a good day. A Morning ride with SweetPea allowed me to be grounded and ready for the customers to talk down to me all day. And sure enough it started with the first phone call! Everybody knows Jerry, everyone is his best friend and I'm the stupid secretary that answers the phone and knows nothing. Of course they don't understand Jerry is almost deaf and can't hear a word they are saying. Nor does he remember everyone, but neither do I!!!!

Yelling at me, talking down to me as if I have no idea what the company sells is the norm. But the ride smoothed out the edges yesterday and I took my day in stride.

I also ended the day on a good note taking a nap in the hammock at the barn. Yes, among the rose garden, english garden, tea garden, meditation garden, grass garden there is a hammock just over the fence at the barn. I really must show you guys how incredible this place is at some point. You drive in and it makes you breath out and relax! The guys that own the place are amazing! I only hope I can make my place feel as good.

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