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Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Thursday that felt like a slow melting Monday!

Before you read my horrid post below please look at this picture! It's a bird house, YES a bird house. I am in love with these pieces of art, they come in almost any animal you can imagine and personalized if requested and...paid for. But I just wanted to share a positive, one of my beloved dream items before you read about my crazy day.

Today started early, I actually had a laborer Paul show up at 5:30 am. Rarely do I get anyone whom is ready to go (minus coffee) other than me. I on the other hand had nightmares all night, got up with a headache and should have known something was up.

As the fog was just starting to roll in ,we took Paul’s car just down the road, dropped it off and headed for the horses. Of course Navarre was limping worse today than yesterday but no heat in the feet. So out for grass they go. Discussion with Paul and he is on his own.

Paul on the other hand (poor thing) has a travel mug warmed up coffee from yesterday! As do I! But Paul gets to start digging ditches. Yep, the “dry lot” for the horses is washing away with all the torrential rains we are getting every day my poor horses are sliding down hill. Paul is a good hard worker but even I am getting upset with the rain that no longer sinks into the soil but destroys any land, life, and habitat in its wake.

So Paul digs all morning, I go back to the office to work and it ALL hits the fan in flying chunks. Work; Well can we just say I felt like your typical American that hates their life and just wants to quit their job! BAM! (Without the spices) I was sucker punched no matter what I did this morning. Trouble with Dubai U.A.E., trouble in Brussels, Trouble in Spain. SOLVE SOLVE<>

Navarre gets way too hot too soon for a real horse. This kid will have to be pampered and have fans all summer when I move him to the estate. UP goes my daily bills for electricity!!!!! OK so ... Paul and I talk, we have issues in the way. We put our heads together and come up with a redneck, ghastly looking idea BUT ... tomorrow I’ll be able to tell you if it worked or not.
We lay down locust to divert some of the run off, or slow it down just enough so later we can lay a six inch french drain. All this for someone else’s property, but I love these guys.... and out of respect I try to treat the property as well as I would my own. I'm trying to save a resource so they don't loose their investment.

We have to go to the estate to get the logs, dump the manure, and get the brick old blocks; as we drive back it starts to rain;(thank goodness) and he gets back to work. As do I leaving the horses out so they are not in his way only getting wet in the overcast of the mid day.

Conference with the Architect in the midst of my day.... plans are being printed as I type...
But by noon it was full sun again, I had to rush back for the horses and Navarre is worse on his feet than he was 6 hours ago and NOW with heat in the hind right. VET!!!!! so I call and wait.

I love my vet! He calls me back, we get disconnected, he calls again and again till we get through our conversation. He rearranges he schedule and works me in a near by appt.
I’m stressed, between keeping up with International issues, being stressed about horses, Jerry picking up on it and me being shorter than usual with him... I’m done. Brain is fried BUT we must march on.

Paul goes home early!
I call Franklin to come get packages later in the day and I’m stuck on the computer till the vet calls again and I rush out to meet him and his assistant.
Navarre is now on med.'s again for inflamation of soft tissues due to other things stressed in the foot for now. This only adds an hour and ½ on to my morning and nightly schedule as now his feet need to be soaked, cleaned, stuffed/packed and medicated along with two oral medications. Specifics are null and void as like children they can both have the same thing but they each react differently to treatment.

So I take care of the horse, pay the vet, and get home to finish work. Just as I get it all out for Franklin to pick it up, it starts to rain, so I rush outside to move the boxes to a safer area on the covered front porch BUT then is stars to hail again.... Second time this month... Wind is getting crazy and I have to get all the boxes back in the house.

I give up!@ #$^%#%

I rarely ever get this stressed. I have a rush ... rush life like everyone else in the world but I can normally get my feet planted enough to roll with the punches; but not today! I normally walk to the organic store (it’s only two houses over) but today in the rain following the hail, I drove! I wanted a beer, but I got hard cider instead. Cold hard cider, only 6% alc/vol and gluten free!!!! so at least I didn’t cross one line today. Because I cussed, fussed and nearly offended myself; I was wound so tight today! LIFE! it all catches up with you when you least expect it. Today was my blinded not expecting it day.... I’m sure tomorrow will be sun shine after the storm.

who ever is reading this I hope your day was better.

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  1. Amazed as ever...DO NOT KNOW HOW YOU DO IT!!