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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Tuesday.... normally I'm fine on a Tuesday, but today business is slow. Slow is NOT the word for it as very few know we ( Jerry and I ) run a Motorcycle business on line only . I would post our site but it would do no good as... it's not working... We are international, we are Internet only and deal with very specific bikes. Life today is very stressful but only because of that little thing we all call money.

Money. It sucks if you don't have it! It sucks when you do; and people crawl out from under rocks expecting the world from you. Luckily we live a simple life, so I'm almost an easy going person.

But knowing no money is rolling in, knowing much is going out.
We have called in the professionals that will take what little money we do have but hopefully we can start working on line again soon. help is on the way.

I hate computers! I hate electronics! This is why I like nature, Cause and Effect. You hit the wrong key with a computer and your world crashes with no warning. While with nature even with hale, rain, winds and what ever else ... we all know at some point down the road (even years) life will continue close to what it once did.

I'd rather have dirt under my nails, smelling like a horse and dealing with the heat.

Yes I know this has nothing to do with my blog, nothing to do with the development of the estate... but no money no progress on the barn etc...
oh yea! so yesterday...
Yesterday was a bust.
They drugged my horse 3 times.
and the machine broke!!!!!!

no test, no results but we are going to try to reschedule! AND AND AND... they did compensate me for my time. 10 days of meds... 400.00 dollars worth of drugs. yea!!!!

On the way home the trailer stopped working. no lights, no turn signals, no brakes. if I had one I didn't have the other. So the trailer is at the dealer today... which is stressful enough as this same dealer allowed my last trailer to get stolen off their lot with very little responsibility or reaction to the situation. This is the ONLY reason I have a decent trailer, I was happy with the old one; BUT I had to buy a new one or never take my horses anywhere, or do anything fun with them.

UPDATE while everything above has been most of the day...I have to report the good with the bad. The trailer company has diagnosed and repaired the light issues. I am also very happy to report ... the real owner of the company was some how NOT aware of everything that had occurred with me in the past so ... he did NOT charge me in any way for all the time involved with finding the issue. The issue was in the trailer... it's not yet 18 months old but the ground wire in the ball of the hitch had broken so it was on and off ... hidden in the insulation of the hitch it was hard to find, but they did. \
On the other hand with work. we are going to be down till Thursday... so ... the positive there is ... I'm sure I'll loose a few pounds in the interim. ha ha ha...

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