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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It’s Tuesday! But I have to back up!

Sunday was wonderful!
Sunday I did the normal animal thing, up at 5 coffee, coffee... coffee horses out at 6, clean a stall. Go home let the birds out, do what ever I can with the birds on me around the house. Go back and clean a stall again, get horses in out of hot sun. This is where my schedule changed.

I drove to subway got a salad and decided to have a picnic alone on the property. So I walked to the back area where the barns will soon start being built and sat on “Emma’s Rock” This particular bolder was so named by a child whom quickly decided to claim and name it as such when last she visited. So ... Emma’s Rock it was. I sat, ate my salad and then planted a few plants near the drive that, well have been in pots far too long and needed a new home. Maybe with room for their roots to grow they will start to increase in size once again. They have not gotten any larger for the past few years and quite frankly I was getting worried so... freedom (if they survive) they have.

Monday- well it was typical, swamped and no room to breath.
Tuesday- Today well ... it’s been packed but it was a pleasure to have some friends stop by whom wanted and even requested to go see the property. There are still areas you can not walk so we didn’t walk the bad parts but they got the short tour and were encouraging to me with all I have done.

Tomorrow... I may not take the time to write! I got new ramps to move the gravely around, for my birthday so I very well may have to take the afternoon off work and take the bush hog back to the property, get rid of some of the dead stuff and give my new toy a try. I’ll let you know how it goes later.

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