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Sunday, June 21, 2009

To back up my claims...

Before I get caught up for the day let me just post a picture of the bear tracks I went back 0619 and took pictures of. I'm sure it's hard to see especially if you are not sure what you are looking at BUT no one can deny the holes on the left of the pictures which are the claws digging into the dirt as it went up the embankment. it's a right foot print and larger than my hand.

Friday was an ok day but yesterday was a great day. I took pictures of the horses and let them out for the morning. I went back around 12 and gave Navarre a bucket bath, and then went browsing for ideas for the barns. It was fun! I’ve not just window shopped in a long time BUT it is also dangerous!

I fell in love with a set of beautiful urns but they are way too fancy for an Italian peasant style barn. I dearly love them and want them BUT I would NEVER be able to make them fit into my simple life style. I also found another cleaner set of urns BUT.... they are too small and the horses would use them as toys!

I am going to the next little town to shop around today, AFTER I get the horses in for the heat of the day. Wish me luck, I’m out to Lake Lure and Hendersonville. I hope to enjoy today as much as I did yesterday.

Goals ... Find shutters or bars to protect the windows on the HAY barn from the horses. I will of course either get heavy duty industrial glass OR use plexiglass for the windows but I have to keep in mind the style of everything as well. SIMPLE!!!! Minimal, and as Italian as I can afford. Ha ha ha... most everything I’ve found thus far is early American and not correct at all. I found two sets of shutters but I am going to have double windows so they will not be enough!
Picture attached

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