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Sunday, June 28, 2009

A good day!

Don’t you just love it when you have a really good day? I do! My day was all planned out and didn’t go the according to schedule BUT I was fine with that.

Yesterday I started my list of contractors. I called 8; got return calls from two, and had an appointment / on site evaluation with one for later today but it fell through. No big deal! I was happy to have the day free.

My day started as usual, as Bill Cosby would say ... do what you need to do in order to do what you want to do. I did just that! Got my necessary task out of the way and was on horse back for a pleasant ride by 8:30am, met up with my first two accomplices and then the three of us rode to the next barn and met up with another two. I so enjoy riding in a large group like this... as the trails on “my” side (same side as the barns) of the road is great for long distance training, as it is all up hill... actually/ literally up mountain is more like it. ( As one looks on a topography map it’s called Little Pisque after Pisque Mountain the Vanderbilt’s owned in the area.) So we normally take the easier routes now a days which are on the other side of the highway. A highway full of trucks, cars and crazy people on motorcycles and believe it or not ... for the horses the quiet little bicycles are the worst. With no distinct smell or loud sound they can’t make up their mind to freeze or fly like a bat....

Today we all went over the highway in easily orderly fashion, passing another large (20 plus head) of horses to a trail preserved in a residential area.

Ride was done by 12 noon the rest of the day is a blur... ( headache) but I’ve been back to the barn again and ... that place just makes the rest of the world fall aside. The smell of the dinner plate size magnolia blooms, the grasses waving in the breeze, the rabbits so comfortable I walk within four feet of them before they even contemplate the thought of running. And then... the look and sound of my horses as they run to the pasture, playing and nipping at each other; happy content and magnificent animals.

I drove home and noticed my garden. Funny how you see something, tend to something every day and for some reason when the brain, heart, or mood is right; you see it in a different way. Everything is doing well, the sunflowers are taller than me and a pleasure to look at.

Attached is a picture from my back porch..

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  1. Thanks for sharing your day and MOST OF ALL THE VIEW OF THE GARDEN...Lovely, just lovely.

    you are amazing