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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sun, Rain, Rain, Hail, Rain

while we have had three days sense I last posted that were beautiful and sunny without rain THREE is all we have had. Every day there has been a small for measurable rain along with one day of Hail.

In the three days we had sun; I got help and sprayed the horses pasture to be with brush killer, broad leaf killer and serious kill everything for six months chemicals in spots. I got help from a local volunteer who wanted to “help”

sense I last wrote I’ve had two appointments with the vet, a farrier appt and test results on animal works, an appt with the architect of which I have another tomorrow.

I am very excited that I may be able to get my stalls up for this winter and move the horses next spring. Then “hopefully” by next year have saved some more money to put up the hay barn and have the horses settled for following winter of 10-11. Yes all of this takes forever so while these are time lines I am putting in writing I am NOT going to hold myself to them. When there is nature involved you can believe she will have the last word. Of which ... leads me to the hail.

The Hail poured down Tuesday and damaged everything in the garden. So what was about to come back up from a second planting was beat down and damaged seriously. The potatoes will easily survive and may even be larger than normal given all the rain AND nature cutting them back just before their blooming time, requiring them to reserve more in their bulb (potato) system.

I was given more flowers from Joe today, so I may just give up on the food this year and plant more and more flowers. I am NOT sure the sunflowers will survive with their shredded leaves, but I am not willing to cut them back they are so big. We will just have to see.

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  1. Thanks for the update. I always, always enjoy your journaling.