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Thursday, June 18, 2009

It Finally Happen To Me!

ok... so I've lived here in NC for about 6 years now.
The one place everyone has been is Gatlinburg or Great Smokey Mountains; when you go no matter if you admit it or not you always want to see a bear. Me; it's never happen.

Jerry, gets an MV Agusta F4 and takes it out only a handful of times and he nearly hits a bear in the middle of the road. Just last week he nearly hits a full grown bear on the Blue Ridge Parkway, which was NOT the danger. The danger was the person behind him who didn't see it or was looking at it and nearly took off the rear end of Jerry's SUV when Jerry hit his breaks.

This morning 6:45 on the way to put out the horses... a SMALL bear was in the road. I haven't a clue if he was crossing, or just alarmed by my speeding around the tight corner. But he looked at me and ran off. I knew they were in the area, as a woman just last week was hospitalized by one as she was trying to save her dog. Neighbors around the horses complain that the bears eat their expensive koi fish. The vet comments on the fact they get within 20 feet of my horses due to tracks and the grub eating marks at the main gate of the horse pen, but I had never seen one till this morning.

ok... so I've been back to the barn to put the horses in the shade for the heat of the day. It's 10:15 when I drive by the same spot and what do I see... The BEAR is still there, walking searching for ?something? but still there. This time I reached for my purse to get the camera and I had only grabbed my wallet. So no picture! But I stopped the car watched it walk around (my car cuts off when stopped) so when I put it in gear and the engine started back up he ran up the gravel drive.

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