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Friday, June 26, 2009


Today has been good, I got work settled with no real issues. I got the horses loved, fed and settled, with little effort. Birds are happy and healthy. Jerry took me out to lunch and I walked around town looking like a girl for the rest of afternoon.

I am about to go get groceries and start planning next weeks meals. It is rare I look like a girl much less get to run around like one.

for those of you who don't know me I'm still the "girl" (now with more pounds and wrinkles) that I always was. I am my happiest in my old cut offs.

Story from LONG ago. After my first marriage blew up in my face I decided I had to find out who I was without the input or care of what anyone else thought. Well I found who I was and I've stuck to it ever sense. I am happiest when I dirty, smelly, and I know I have accomplished something for the day. BUT I enjoy putting my manners, lotions, and soft clothes to use when I feel like looking like a girl.

the story goes... When I was in my 30's I ate breakfast with Nanny and Paw Paw every morning. I would clean the barn, spread the manure and drive for a well rounded breakfast to my grandparents. On occasion I would have a lunch date... (at first this is all I would allow a man) and I would show up having NOT taken a bath, in my cut offs, old t-shirt and no makeup what so ever. Once Nanny was really concerned... "your not really going to meet this man looking like that are you?" this was a harsh as she is ever spoken. Yes Mam I am, if he doesn't want to look at me he doesn't have too. She just shook her head and went on with another conversation.

The one man that made it through what I called my " no icing" phase... is the man I married! I went out with him for MONTHS before I finally dressed up like a girl and when he met me at the door he literally dropped his jaw! a moment I will never forget.

BUT that also means all he ever gets out of me is the nasty smelly, boy looking person I really am.

Today was a little casual (but nice) black dress and high heals. He was VERY happy... and I got my bonus I was looking for.... ha ha ha...

Hope anyone else reading this is just as satisfied...

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