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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Getting Started.

This is what we started with! A piece of property that had not been touched for atleast 15 years. We did all we could to check out the property; walking it in the winter while things were not so lush, but there are always surprises.
After a while we started to take down some of the brush and multi-flora which had completly taken over.
We want to leave as much as we can natural BUT I needed pasture for the horses. While I am not cutting everything I cut only half of what is required to manage a horse. Leaving the rest for house, garage, and gardens.


  1. HiAmber! Spring has just started to show its face at God's Gardens. Jim and I ordered four varieties of blueberry and have completed our blueberry orchard this week. We ordered from Finch Blueberry Farm in North Carolina. They were a pleasure to deal with and had the least expensive plants. They shipped directly to our house and the twenty five plants we have should keep us in blueberries throughout the year. We freeze them in tupperware and they last for a long time. We also built a small grape arbor this week and planted four seedless concord grape vines. I also planted some snap peas. Tomorrow i plan to plant mache, spinach and lettuce. I just love the Spring! - Kim

  2. I've just about got the garden plans done. When I get them settled per square foot I'll post a scan of the plans here. This year will be at the house but the property gets strawberries this year. I too have trees as four apple trees are on the way but I'm going to keep them at the house till i get them adjusted to the elevation... and so i can keep them watered good here for the first year. I should have roof water by next year to plant them.

  3. I am living in a cloud this morning. Perfect weather to plant seeds. I planted two rows of the various greens before the rain started again. I am optimistically hoping that we will not have temperatures lower than 28 degrees this year. So let's see...it's March 15. Let's see what happens. I am trying two plants called Josta berries and I notice that they are already leafing out, as are the hazelnuts. I have no idea what Josta berries are, but they were listed as a "delicious edible" and that they love acid soil. Sounded like a match. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of Josta Berries?

  4. Josta's... like a rasberry but lighter in taste but never grown them. Let me know I can put them along the road with my blue berry plans for acid soils as well. I forget about the more unusual things but sounds fun.