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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Clearing out a pasture

After clearing out a spot about an acer and a half; logs, logs, and more logs from trees we found and trees we cut. The issue here is, what to do with all the wood. The trees we found were of such an asset one can't put a cost on them. We found well over 20 full grown trees of Locus. IF you are not clear of what a Locus is... incredibly ... resistant to insects and ROT a treasure found. I quickly set out to have them cut to 10ft lengths and put into the ground for my fencing. I got well over 25 good fence post larger than a telephone post. What I had left I offered to the community and only one family wanted to make the effort to come get them. This family loaded a long bed truck full and came back for more NOT even making a dent in the supply of wood.

The Locus... well this turned out to be another matter. No one wanted it, no lumber yard would come and get it, because of my location on the mountain. The cost of shipping it to a lumber yard then having it brought back would have taken all the finances I had alloted to my task at hand. So instead I had it cut into two foot lengths and stacked amoung the trees to create my west side wall for the horse pasture. While this will NOT last forever it is beautiful from the road and allows privacy for our trails on the private area of the property.

While everyone talks about a simpler life (and this is after all my goal), but a simpler life is NOT one that is EASIER. Don't kid yourself and think anything simple is easy! It sounds that way due to the english language but simple is acutaly much harder. I have no machinery I can only pay or barter for work done. Stumps, stumps, and more stumps are my next issue.


  1. Amber, great picture. Did you recently plant carrots or it is time to do so now? Our buttercups are peeking through and I enjoy every bit of yellow or white I see. There is that part of my that yearns for trees, trees and more trees....

  2. Planted Carrots, Kale, Broccoli, lettuce and two others things I can't remember off the top of my head. I'm going up to the scrap wood pile later today and getting some nasty wood to make More Above the ground plant beds. I tend to be able to control the little areas much better than the ground. I'll post a picture later.