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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Making a West Wall

First of all I have to say... the weather has been so perfect here I've been out doing important things instead of blogging.

Logs... Logs and more Logs... There were so many Poplar Trees I had them cut up into two foot lengths and stacked, almost like you would fire wood but in this case I created the west wall of my pasture.

I used some of the trees as post but also used found T-post to keep my wall nice and clean. While my picture is NOT a good one it gives you an idea of what it looks like until I can show you the entire pasture giving it a better perspective.

This is a better close up picture of the entry wall I had created to keep the pasture seperated from what will be the private drive area to the house. Also note all the wood shavings... the sawdust and chipping of brush I've used it to start making a planting bed and keep weeds down in this little area till I can give it some tender loving care.

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