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Monday, March 30, 2009

A Day for Health

Yesterday was exactly what I needed. While for some reason I had several things come my way as far as invitations my choice was to go riding with a small group on Sugar Hollow. And that I did... it was so enjoyable, although I was practicing my riding skills as apposed to riding for pure joy; it ended up being a VERY enjoyable ride. I rode with bare back pad and bridal something I needed to do for a very long time but never have anyone around incase I had a accident so yesterday was perfect. And while the ride went well, as I got tired and my signals worsened due to fatigue in the legs, and my little girl was less and less confidant and began to get jumpy on the ride, only little things I was able to handle but this also lessens confidence so she did not want to lead. I will have to work on this and take her out alone more often with a saddle of course so I am not getting into dangerous territory. But she and I have been riding mostly with Navarre on pony so to exercise him. I will have to make more time for her specifically. "Children" no matter what they are they demand so much attention!!!!

What a little time with your life passion can do to brighten the spirits... I feel as if I have been on vacation! Allowing me to make the most of a typical Monday that always knocks me off my feet.


  1. So glad you had such a great day...thanks for your call and your post.