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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Everything changes daily.

This is my lovely little stall barn without rafters or a roof... but this is so much more than I thought I would ever have up at this point in the year.
I am very happy with all the progress!
While this looks like nothing to most, it is a master piece to me!  It's mine and it is paid for!

I am so happy with the progress.

I have a few issues, but they are MY issues... I need to get over there and clean up all the mess!  I am hoping to do this over the weekend.  I suppose when building one must own stock in trash bags...

I can't burn a lot of this due to regulations AND a lot of the scrap has nails in it that would cost me too much in a vet bill to be so careless, so tomorrow is a cleaning day...

While I am cleaning, I hope to have help "cleaning" limbs from butt logs and moving the butt logs so they can be stacked to form a fence.
I also hope to have Karl finish the sides to hold my sand/footing in for the barn area.
I also hope to get rid of some of the bad wood around the area, but we shall see, I think I am expecting too much from myself and others to have it all done in one day.

WE shall see... I will not have the camera for the weekend, it travels to VA for the next few days... ha ha

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