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Monday, May 17, 2010

My barn as of yesterday. 
This this is coming along nice and fast!  I am so excited!....
Yesterday, we had the gravely started, only slid down the hollow/gully twice, ha ha ha... but we got the road mowed to look a little better AND got started on bushhoging the "garden" area. 
That old machine beat me up! I feel it in my back...

But the guys got up the rafters so I am going to have to look at metal roofing this week and get it ordered.

Thank you Troy, and thank you for using Karl for help.

Karl has done all of my land work for the last three weeks and works under Troy when Troy needs another hand on this construction.

Rebar to finish the railroad ties, and what ever else Troy put on Karls list.
Replace starter and Battery on Gravely?  what next for this old thing?
Then I have to worry about footing for the dry lot.

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