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Friday, May 21, 2010

Blogging? does it even matter.

While I am rarely someone who promotes anything, I have to say this magazine is of great inspiration.  It has allowed me to see into the blog sites of others, and while like everything in my life... I never seem to fit perfectly into a round OR square hole I do tend to experience both.

I have articles in my blog that are sentimental, artful and sometimes interesting most of my time is getting my estate in order step by step and sharing my times with family and friends.

I rarely have commments etc on my site and don't think there is anyone lerking waiting to see what I post next.

This (magazine)  is one of the most expensive splurges I allow myself, and happy to share them with anyone who ask.

This issue hit home... page 6 by Jeanne Oliver  ...bushelandapeck.typepad.com  I have her blog listed on a few I like to look at / flip through when I have time... but the article on page 6 is about Brave Girl Camp and talks about how getting together with other women who are strong, creative, and inspiring it can charge your batteries... get you back on track... or just help you focus, or dream your dreams like you once did.  I have always held my dreams close, always worked on them no matter the brick wall in front of me... BUT I have had the support of incredible women in my life and supportive men who said if I was going to help I had to be helpful, not just stand there and look pretty.

At any rate we all have it in us. We all have our abilities, limits and disfunctions.... ha ha ha...

The magazine as a whole is always beautiful to look at, it is visually inspiring but I rarely have time to do artwork anymore.  At least for now till the barn it up and finished.  I hope to get more artistic some day but it is not a goal for me at this time.


  1. You should go to brave girl camp! You are brave and courageous...you do more things than I could possible imagine. I couldn't imagine clearing my own land, planning my own house from scratch, running an international successful business. You are brave in your own right.

  2. Amanda, you and Betsy are the two taking the challenge of raising children. The one thing I could NEVER do, knew not to tackel it, attempt it or even CHANCE it. You two do things I can't and could never dream of doing, being responsible to inspiring children, giving them goals, challenges, and the courage to pick and create them for themselves.

    Hats off to you, being ONE of the several influences in my life.

    Love you.