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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So Much Going On...

A topo... of the mountain the estate is on.

Life is going FAST like everyone elses.... but the mornings are so sweet!

It is the smell, the sounds, and the drive up to the estate, that are as relaxing as going to the barn where the horses are today.

The big difference is I relax when I go see the horses, and my mind goes crazy with a to do list once I get out of the truck and take a deep breath when I am on the estate.

I am VERY happy with the progress of the stall barn, but just as much I have not mentioned all the plants and what not that are coming in with extream beauty as the seasons change. 

I have Apple Trees I only planted this fall that are lush with apples.  All four are rich with seed,but I am not expecting a full crop but to have beautiful blooms AND now seed/premature apples I am full of joy.

I also have honeysuckle I have purposely planted that is doing well, as well as the blooms on the wisteria (that I never expected for YEARS) are stunning.

I have lavender that will need to be planted this month, as well as hen and chicks to keep weeds down in a specific area, then I also have thyme of different types that I will use as accents to an area... life is fast and full.

I can only hope your to do list is going as well.

Hope to see friends and family soon.

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