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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another Day... in the life of Amber?

Broccoli is incredible this year... Sweet perfectly developed with... the morning (mountain)  due still present.
Basil is doing well ... I have to have at least one plant for every tomato plant this year I have 6 of each.

Tomato plants are doing well if I can keep the bugs away and the water regulated...

I added Poppies... to the garden this year as a test subject... these are the ones that are standard on the side of the interstate systems in TN and NC (at least)

Ending with my poor boots.  I hate spending money on boots but if I keep up at this pace I will need another pair of boots for the winter.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A perfect ending to a productive day.

Lets see,   yesterday I booked flights to Yellowstone, today I booked flights to San Jose. I got a HUGE load of oak unloaded 16 footers... ha ha ha... got all the animals taken care of, done my things at work, asked three places for bids on roofing, got a good map to Yellowstone,  had a glass of wine with Joe and got loved on by my horse.

Yep... the perfect ending to a good day.

While in reality Sweetpea was probably just sniffing the summer clothes I just dug out today, but it was nice to have her allow me to love on her and to have her do what felt like to we humans her loving on me.

I brushed her again while she ate, she then followed me around the pasture asking for more.  I loved on her, and with the twist of her neck, she rested her head on my waist, ran her mouth down my legs and played with my toes...

Yep! anyone who knows horses knows this is the easiest rule but well today I had on plastic sandles ... she never sees my toes so she played with them with her lip.  Sounds groose but it was sweet, she was sweet, which for this horse is once in a month... her harmones will change and she will be a deadly animal next week.  You just have to know what to expect from her.  Which is exactly why most professionals like Stallions or Geldings.

Oh well on to my forth shower of the day... putting the home animals to bed and getting to sleep ASAP.

Hope you had a perfect day as well.

to do list?  well I'm not adding anything while business is in high gear... I have enough on my plate researching two places on what I want to do, clothes to take etc... while still keeping things at the estate and work going strong.   life...

Monday, May 24, 2010


Navarre this morning... I'll post again later if I can get done with work in time.  this is AFTER I played with the photo... just having fun with a simple program.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Blogging? does it even matter.

While I am rarely someone who promotes anything, I have to say this magazine is of great inspiration.  It has allowed me to see into the blog sites of others, and while like everything in my life... I never seem to fit perfectly into a round OR square hole I do tend to experience both.

I have articles in my blog that are sentimental, artful and sometimes interesting most of my time is getting my estate in order step by step and sharing my times with family and friends.

I rarely have commments etc on my site and don't think there is anyone lerking waiting to see what I post next.

This (magazine)  is one of the most expensive splurges I allow myself, and happy to share them with anyone who ask.

This issue hit home... page 6 by Jeanne Oliver  ...bushelandapeck.typepad.com  I have her blog listed on a few I like to look at / flip through when I have time... but the article on page 6 is about Brave Girl Camp and talks about how getting together with other women who are strong, creative, and inspiring it can charge your batteries... get you back on track... or just help you focus, or dream your dreams like you once did.  I have always held my dreams close, always worked on them no matter the brick wall in front of me... BUT I have had the support of incredible women in my life and supportive men who said if I was going to help I had to be helpful, not just stand there and look pretty.

At any rate we all have it in us. We all have our abilities, limits and disfunctions.... ha ha ha...

The magazine as a whole is always beautiful to look at, it is visually inspiring but I rarely have time to do artwork anymore.  At least for now till the barn it up and finished.  I hope to get more artistic some day but it is not a goal for me at this time.

ahhhh a rainy day

This is a NORMAL peonie! this is what I have at my house... but you should see what is at the barn... I have never seen so many varieties...

There are so many I couldn't even get a good picture of many.  I have no idea how many varieties Joe and Steve have but they are beautiful...

Along with the English garden this year... take a glance at this....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

a great day, nice morning with a friend.

Yesterday was wonderful... A morning break spent with a friend, having coffee, walking next door to one of my favorite shops and catching up on things.

Family, wants, needs, dreams, goals, you know the things we all think of but only talk about to those that we consider "safe" friends.  Andrus is one of those friends.

While my dreams rarely change... I just want to be able to survive and live life... I don't want to follow life and wish I had done this or that.   I am a very proactive person in my own hopes and dreams, no matter how simple they are.   It was nice to hear someone else say they like how having shared my dreams over 10 years ago that I had not let them go and was working on them as I said I would... slowly but truly...

After having drinks at Starbucks....the only easy coffee shop to get to in town... we walked next door where we dreamed of the finer things in life. 

Glasses I will never be able to afford!

Soaps I would love to have for my house guest ... but ONLY if everything else was able to be as plush...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So Much Going On...

A topo... of the mountain the estate is on.

Life is going FAST like everyone elses.... but the mornings are so sweet!

It is the smell, the sounds, and the drive up to the estate, that are as relaxing as going to the barn where the horses are today.

The big difference is I relax when I go see the horses, and my mind goes crazy with a to do list once I get out of the truck and take a deep breath when I am on the estate.

I am VERY happy with the progress of the stall barn, but just as much I have not mentioned all the plants and what not that are coming in with extream beauty as the seasons change. 

I have Apple Trees I only planted this fall that are lush with apples.  All four are rich with seed,but I am not expecting a full crop but to have beautiful blooms AND now seed/premature apples I am full of joy.

I also have honeysuckle I have purposely planted that is doing well, as well as the blooms on the wisteria (that I never expected for YEARS) are stunning.

I have lavender that will need to be planted this month, as well as hen and chicks to keep weeds down in a specific area, then I also have thyme of different types that I will use as accents to an area... life is fast and full.

I can only hope your to do list is going as well.

Hope to see friends and family soon.

Monday, May 17, 2010

My barn as of yesterday. 
This this is coming along nice and fast!  I am so excited!....
Yesterday, we had the gravely started, only slid down the hollow/gully twice, ha ha ha... but we got the road mowed to look a little better AND got started on bushhoging the "garden" area. 
That old machine beat me up! I feel it in my back...

But the guys got up the rafters so I am going to have to look at metal roofing this week and get it ordered.

Thank you Troy, and thank you for using Karl for help.

Karl has done all of my land work for the last three weeks and works under Troy when Troy needs another hand on this construction.

Rebar to finish the railroad ties, and what ever else Troy put on Karls list.
Replace starter and Battery on Gravely?  what next for this old thing?
Then I have to worry about footing for the dry lot.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Everything changes daily.

This is my lovely little stall barn without rafters or a roof... but this is so much more than I thought I would ever have up at this point in the year.
I am very happy with all the progress!
While this looks like nothing to most, it is a master piece to me!  It's mine and it is paid for!

I am so happy with the progress.

I have a few issues, but they are MY issues... I need to get over there and clean up all the mess!  I am hoping to do this over the weekend.  I suppose when building one must own stock in trash bags...

I can't burn a lot of this due to regulations AND a lot of the scrap has nails in it that would cost me too much in a vet bill to be so careless, so tomorrow is a cleaning day...

While I am cleaning, I hope to have help "cleaning" limbs from butt logs and moving the butt logs so they can be stacked to form a fence.
I also hope to have Karl finish the sides to hold my sand/footing in for the barn area.
I also hope to get rid of some of the bad wood around the area, but we shall see, I think I am expecting too much from myself and others to have it all done in one day.

WE shall see... I will not have the camera for the weekend, it travels to VA for the next few days... ha ha

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a weekend at home.

Daddy at 7 am ..... I would hate to be his neighbor, BUT he got the job done...

Aunt Gale.

Bubble wands.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Update on barn.

Life gets so confusing we forget from where we come or what we have achieved.

Here is a picture of the property Before I started building the barn.

Notice as published last year I planted the area with wheat and clover to keep from loosing any dirt/ground...

This is what it looked like just last weekend.  All NINE poles in the ground.
This is what it looked like just yesterday... After all the guys Troy, Karl, and one more hand... tied it all together.   Troy is my man in charge, but as I will take yet another picture tomorrow you will see he has instructed Karl to put up the 45 angles and it looks more and more like a barn everyday.

I can not wait till I have have a huge barn yard party...

But as usual, more trips to the lumber yard are required tomorrow....
An appt WITH TROY and the roofing options are needing to be scheduled....

I need to get land scape tembers around the area to save my ???? footing I hope to purchase some tomorrow but I am not holding my breath!

then I will need to have rock and sand brought in  and leveled out as much as possible.

It never stops...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm an early person to bed ... I'm too tired for words tonight... but... Tuesday I will give everyone the weekly scoop.

On to another shower for the day, covering the birds, and going into a deep sleep asisted by eye pillow and ear plugs... please world to not bother me tonight, just allow me to sleep.