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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oct 30th and the things I have seen!

Bones and Gool... Fun things I have seen while out this season...

This is a TINY little guy in a jar?
Love this display! this booth is normally just all white.
I think I could do this one?
Love this idea... of plastic or real... Ribbon! on a pumpkin!
Lace?  how easy is that?
I am NOT creative when it comes to holidays so I love to get out and see what others are doing!

What have you done or seen?

Friday, October 29, 2010

A New Family Member

NO I am not! I will never be!....
Remember I am the animal woman not a woman who bares children!

While Jerry and I drew the line at pets, there are certain things that call for animals!
A Barn is ONE of them.
If you have feed, hay, and it is in the middle of nothing you are going to have field mice and or rats! So We got a cat!

I got a cat from a Lovely Lady in Plesantview TN.  She knows me and she knows ALL of her cats. She has a life calling to save animals and make sure they all get good care and nice homes.  If you are thinking of a cat... Please give me note or a call.  She can help match up personalities and needs and you will know the cat has been exposed to the best of care, and living conditions NOT living in a small cage untill someone let it out.

Meet my new little boy....
they called him Raymond but there was no response to the name.

I call him Jacapo  the great confidant and defender of  the Count of Monte Cristo....

Yes... around here all the names are basicly characters of books, movies or fairytales. 

He is a LOVING little boy, and will cry if I do not pick him up love on him as I am feeding and caring for the horses.

He has choosen to live up in the hay for the time being.  Although he has his own little quaters with food, water and warm bed for any cold nights.

He loves it when I climb up to see him!  But generally I am only climbing so high to get hay from the top of the pile.

He is a good little boy and has already left me presents at the door!

Yea... for cats!

Life is good when you know you need help, you are giving help, and can make sure we all live in peace.

Jacapo matches all the clay around the barn,  He matches all the wood on the inside of the barn and is hard to see if out and about.  I can only assume summer time will be a different situation. 

Looking forward to his being more and more a part of our little animal crazy family.

1. Teallie... love bird
2. Lolita... Quaker bird
3. Maya... Parrot/ maxamillion pionus
4. Sweetpea... horse
5. Navarre... horse
6. Jacapo... cat. 

OH dear... a parent of 6?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

What makes you feel like fall?

Sunflowers loosing their seeds.
Hay Rolls on the side of a field.
Colors starting to change.

But it is also the earthy rich foods of the season and the fact we start to get together more with our families. 
Can't wait to see everyone!
Love you all!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Glorious Rain.

FINALLY it has rained here a little on Sunday, a little on Monday, a little on Tuesday and today... it is still raining.

How can it be I am celebrating rain?   Several Reasons.

Rainy days are more relaxing, it's the sound on the windows, the muffle it makes for the traffic outside, it's the way it makes the air in the house feel better (if it's not cold)

Not to forget it has been WEEKS sense I laid out seed in the pasture and no rain has helped it take hold.

Yesterday I did my work. and then went looking around at one of my favorite shops.
A second hand store, crafty, and decorative.  and all within my ability to replicate.

A sleepy cat was at the door!

I said my hello's and went on my looking around.

Old things...
New things...

No matter its age it all makes me think about what I can do with what I have at home.

I think looking at all the other blogs I love so much, I have fallen into "the Jones" peer presures of needing to go out purchase supplies and make something instead of ONLY using what I have, what I want to get rid of, what I want to update, or what I just don't like any more.

This is what I need to be doing, worring about me, my things, my life and nothing else.

I love this shop!  I am almost glad it is not so close to the house, as I would be there all too often if it were.

Crafts are all abundant in Asheville!
I said bye to the cat and headed out to get feed, and make my way home.
But it was nice taking a little time to feed my mind! 
What have you done to feed your mind today?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Peer Pressure.

Yes, I have gotten all your wonderful emails asking AGAIN where are you? What are you doing? Are you OK? 

After taking some time away from the computer (as my Mother said would happen) I found the time useful for other things.

But it wasn't just that.
I have signed onto several other blogs and found myself falling prey to peer pressure.   Yes over the age of 40 and... not allowing society to rule my everyday life style but ... somehow knowing my pictures and writing was open to the world I found myself ONCE AGAIN feeling inadequate to the rest of the world.

Such BEAUTIFUL writing, photos, ideas and darn... everything is better on the other side of the fence.

I had to stop looking at other blogs just to get back in touch with my blog.  

I believe we all do this in one form or another. This is why going home is always so stressful for me.
I LOVE going home, I miss everyone, but ... somehow when I get around family the old dinamics emerge from no where.

I have one sister I have always considered the most beautiful of us three, I see her as a "martha stewart" of the sibling senario.  Always having to have the best, her home is always decorated not just thrown together like mine.
I have a sister I have always considered miss orginazation down to a fault... something I will never have in ALL aspects of my life I see her as the "go getter"  Always having her schedule what is, what needs to be etc...

I am going to start the blog back up in full speed as of tommorow!  So take notice I am putting my life back on the internet once again.....

See you later!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Just another day.

Life here has been up and down ... as all lives are.

But I have been taking the time to smell the roses (literally ...although they don't have as much scent as I had hoped) 

Loving the little flowers that have re-seeded themselves in my sunflower garden this year...

This cosmos being one of them.  Cosmos always remind me of a co worker in St. Louis. 

She brought a packet of these once and threw them out in front of our window in a bald spot... It was lovely!   So I think of her each time I see them in my garden.

Besides taking photos of the last flowers of the season ... I have been cataloging my shoes.
Sounds funny but as I have always kept them in their purchase boxes I have photographed them and have photos on front and back of each box now. 

Fun to see everything I have at one glance, and cheaper than purchasing clear boxes/containers or a new closet organizer.

yea... yea... not a clear picture but you get what I'm doing!

I am in the process of cleaning out my closets and organizing my clothes so I know what I really need, what I can up date, and what works with the most other items...

I'm trying to get rid of things I no longer wear, CAN'T fit into...
and those things I will never be able to fit into again...

Hey, I'm over 40 I deserve feminine clothes that show who I am inside, instead of looking like a farm hand 24 hours a day!

ending this post with a close up view of a sweet pea vine. 

May you all have a simple day!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


It is amazing how one day can change the weather.  As it has been a week sense a real change Last Saturday I was working so hard I had to stop, drink, and push myself to go on.  As today... I am layered for the early morning and about to start taking off layers to keep going.

I will post more later... as I have done much this week but have that much more to do today.

Life with property.... it never stops.  But it can be so rewarding.

Now that it is late afternoon, and some have seen and commented on my post I shall leave it above but add to it as the day has progressed

last post was about the fencing...
I got it done. but, it took another day AFTER it rained two days off and on.  So another gathering of more materials, was needed.

Wire, insulated wire, connectors, handles for gates, more ribbon fencing and a dry day so not to play with electricity in the rain.

finally I got it fenced off, seed done and to top off the day.

I filled my water bucket WITH the water from the property.  I did not have to haul water in!  I am so excited that for the first time I got to relax... turn a nosel and fill up the tub.

I know it sounds a little strange, but it is the little things that go well that make my day.

The weather today is so nice, I believe I'll cut out of here, go back to the barn with a book and have a glass of wine.

Have fun with the rest of your day!