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Friday, October 29, 2010

A New Family Member

NO I am not! I will never be!....
Remember I am the animal woman not a woman who bares children!

While Jerry and I drew the line at pets, there are certain things that call for animals!
A Barn is ONE of them.
If you have feed, hay, and it is in the middle of nothing you are going to have field mice and or rats! So We got a cat!

I got a cat from a Lovely Lady in Plesantview TN.  She knows me and she knows ALL of her cats. She has a life calling to save animals and make sure they all get good care and nice homes.  If you are thinking of a cat... Please give me note or a call.  She can help match up personalities and needs and you will know the cat has been exposed to the best of care, and living conditions NOT living in a small cage untill someone let it out.

Meet my new little boy....
they called him Raymond but there was no response to the name.

I call him Jacapo  the great confidant and defender of  the Count of Monte Cristo....

Yes... around here all the names are basicly characters of books, movies or fairytales. 

He is a LOVING little boy, and will cry if I do not pick him up love on him as I am feeding and caring for the horses.

He has choosen to live up in the hay for the time being.  Although he has his own little quaters with food, water and warm bed for any cold nights.

He loves it when I climb up to see him!  But generally I am only climbing so high to get hay from the top of the pile.

He is a good little boy and has already left me presents at the door!

Yea... for cats!

Life is good when you know you need help, you are giving help, and can make sure we all live in peace.

Jacapo matches all the clay around the barn,  He matches all the wood on the inside of the barn and is hard to see if out and about.  I can only assume summer time will be a different situation. 

Looking forward to his being more and more a part of our little animal crazy family.

1. Teallie... love bird
2. Lolita... Quaker bird
3. Maya... Parrot/ maxamillion pionus
4. Sweetpea... horse
5. Navarre... horse
6. Jacapo... cat. 

OH dear... a parent of 6?

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