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Saturday, October 2, 2010


It is amazing how one day can change the weather.  As it has been a week sense a real change Last Saturday I was working so hard I had to stop, drink, and push myself to go on.  As today... I am layered for the early morning and about to start taking off layers to keep going.

I will post more later... as I have done much this week but have that much more to do today.

Life with property.... it never stops.  But it can be so rewarding.

Now that it is late afternoon, and some have seen and commented on my post I shall leave it above but add to it as the day has progressed

last post was about the fencing...
I got it done. but, it took another day AFTER it rained two days off and on.  So another gathering of more materials, was needed.

Wire, insulated wire, connectors, handles for gates, more ribbon fencing and a dry day so not to play with electricity in the rain.

finally I got it fenced off, seed done and to top off the day.

I filled my water bucket WITH the water from the property.  I did not have to haul water in!  I am so excited that for the first time I got to relax... turn a nosel and fill up the tub.

I know it sounds a little strange, but it is the little things that go well that make my day.

The weather today is so nice, I believe I'll cut out of here, go back to the barn with a book and have a glass of wine.

Have fun with the rest of your day!

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