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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Yesterday was a day I THOUGHT would be in preperation of rain, as a late in the day and early this morning rain was predicted. 

I got all my tools together ...
got ready to section off MOST of my pasture for the winter.

Lots of different types. ? Why... well there are horse mixtures but they have too much fescue for me.  I would rather have more Orchard, then Timothy... and fescue , Alfala , and then clover...

So I purchase each type as it goes on sale.

And they all do eventually... you just have to watch when get what you want for the year and then I end up with enough seed to do my pastures with out paying $400.00 or more for seeds.

As soon as I got all happy, settled and ready to work...

Navarre had to check out what I was about to do.
While SweetPea was all alarmed and ready to run away....  It just goes to show how different their personalities are, and how I have to manage them each differently.

My pasture is in bad shape except the one tiny area I've been protecting.  They still have grass in one little section not in this picture, but when it is gone this little spot will be their last for the season.

I got the stakes in the ground, got the area defined... and all of a sudden it was darker than I realized!

I put the horses up, grabbed my bucket and started on throwing my seed.
And... The Heavens Opened WIDE making my time to seed next to impossible.

I did get most of the seed down... I did get most of it covered with hay and straw...

I did get so cold... from being so wet... I thought I'd never warm back up.

I rushed home and took a HOT shower. 

Cold Rain was not the word for it... but I got it done.

The only thing I didn't get finished was putting up the fencing.  I didn't think it the smartest thing to play with electricity in the rain.

I'll get it up later today.
Wish me luck!  Life is what it is... Yesterday was cold, wet, but productive.

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