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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One of "those" days

We all have those days... and today is mine.

It started with the morning run of water to the horses.
I had to move his SUV to get my truck to the water hose.
Then once it was full, I made it to the barn where I pulled out my back AND dumped the water OUT of the truck, still in its container.
I couldn't get the top off.
I couldn't roll it over.
I had to go home, wait for Jerry to get up ask for his help, drive back over ... yada yada yada...
start all over.

Then I pissed off a customer today. 
I truly did not mean too.  But I did.  I see his side of the story, I see my side of the story, and ... well I screwed up.
Tried to eat crow... sending him an email to appologise?  Not sure that will do any good, but my side of the story doesn't matter!  I messed up!

I have a lesson later today, I can only hope I can calm down enough NOT to upset the horses, a new student etc...

It is amazing how when one thing goes down hill so fast, it is next to impossible to stop the situation from happening again as the day goes on.

Wish me luck! 

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