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Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Day In Paradise.

We each have our own ideas of paradise. Mine is one of only natural sounds, watching my animals as I have enticing conversation, shared thoughts, an occasional banter of different opinions; all accompanied by good food. I know it sounds odd to many people but... there are the few that understand, and these are the few I so enjoy and long to be around.

I have ONE girlfriend in MO that no matter how long we are apart we can pick up and start to share our lives once again.
I have yet ONE in TN that we are sisters in opposite worlds but love each other so deeply our contrasts are our bonds, we compliment each other in ways few understand in a true friendship.
I have ONE in VA that is an extension of my spirit that is yet another love I can not express with the English language in today's terms. It would take that of a master of the old ways to start to describe the undertones of our attachments.

Yesterday was a perfect day with one of those friends, as if in paradise. It was like a gentle cool ride on an inter-tube down an open river with life, and activity all around me. An effortless journey with fun and relaxation, but one that fills the soul with energy for the paddle back up river.

As I drove to Virginia the drive on the interstate was a scene of mountains and little more. As soon as I got off the interstate it was a nice drive into back country, going from paved roads to gravel (only the last mile and a half). As always ... I started to miss my sweet love, as I drove the curvy roads up and over mountains, having fun on my way back down. But today was a day for me! A day to enjoy company, and just be.... the art of just being, nothing more.

The Pleasures of Life started as soon as I got out of the car with a sweet kiss from Ian, a verbal greeting from Kate (the perfect dog) a visual welcome from the Sculptures in the garden, and the gentle breeze as I walked to the front porch where dear Jo Lydia stood awaiting an exchange of loving hugs. Oh how perfect the site! Oh how luscious the way everything was set up! You can tell they love the outdoors, the chairs, the magazines, the ordering catalogs (a simple pleasure) the rugs under my feet, the pillows on the small of my back. Every view was that of beauty, the studio , the garden, the table on the front porch, even the front door with its vibrant colors screams of pleasures... to be had by all. Everything said ...welcome... come sit... come be who you are... and be with us as we are.
The gentle breeze, billowed through the sheer curtains that surrounded the porch making it a room outdoors, not just a shaded area but a lived in room.

Ian was too sweet! He immediately served us coffee and homemade muffins. So perfect nothing was needed in the coffee OR the on the muffins. Our exchange of life's current events allowed the time to gracefully move from one subject to the next. Ups and Downs, hopes, dreams, accomplishments, and the occasional what ifs...
A tour of the "new" studio, a visual of items for sale, so many orders to be filled, a walk into the house for what they say are NOT Firsts... I of course had to have a few things!!!!!

As our bodies followed our conversations... around the business, the house our souls stopped and looked at all the art lining the walls, the things that longed to be touched and spoken of. As items too have a life, some scream to share their stories... some louder than others, and some wait for their time to scream on the next visit.

Wine.    Conversation.    Another room, a room that called to me, dark, relaxing, WARM with its thoughts, and like sitting in your favorite Aunts lap as a child.
Wine.    Conversation    and food.
Oh how delicious food can be. When b eing served food, you can tell when someone has enjoyed making what is presented. You can tell when someone has a passion for it, as it comes out in everything they do. Food is one of those passions you can see, feel, smell, taste and even hear as it is being prepared. But not only was the food the passion at the table shared with me. It was served ON LIFE... you can see the thoughts of the artist, the mood in the making, the pain or assuredness; you can see the hands that caressed the plate in its making. Not only one course but three. All three the perfect example of their love of each other, their life together, and passions to do AND SHARE life with others.

Espresso.   Conversation more Espresso

And then came the time I hated to see around the bend... it was beyond the time I needed to leave to get home. My time with Jo Lydia and Ian was so smooth, so peaceful, and so enjoyable it passed all too quickly, as I had to leave, I had to drive home, and I had to feed in the dark. All tiny prices to pay for a day that filled my soul with such substance and inspiration it was equal to a week of holiday.

Please take time,   make time,   spend time with those you love!

Some see me as harsh at times especially when people pass, but I dare not leave things to chance. I shall more often call Jo Lydia, I shall write a thank you note... although there are no simple words for the gifts given to me yesterday. I shall make sure they know they are an inspiration in my life!

In the recent loss of my Nanny... I was at peace. Only because I had expressed over and over again the love I had (have) for her. I wanted nothing, but that she wanted me to have, freely given to me... at her own time... her own pace. She knew all my wants.. her cast iron skillet; of which I got! I am at peace with her knowing how I felt. I only wish I could call her today and share the joys of my experiences with Jo Lydia. To pass on the joy of my heart with someone I know would pass it on further still. Now I can only share this joy on line with those of you that read this LONG post. But please spend time with those you love! While you can. Life can change tomorrow! Life WILL change tomorrow! But what most do not expect, is for their life to change TODAY, THIS AFTERNOON, THIS very night. LIVE LIFE while you can. Share it while you can!
I must stop!
Love Amber.

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