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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Water.  I've been carrying water to the barn every day or every other day depending on how much the horses drank.    With the above average heat index this summer the horses are going through 60 gallons of water a day.  EASY...

 I fill the take to the max! Shut the tail gate... as it has fallen out going up the steep mountain where the estate is.

I then get into the pasture and push this huge container to the very edge of the tail gate... and hope I have the truck in the perfect position...

I have tried a off and on nozzel but it slows down the drain time so I've gotten to where I just get wet every day plugging it by hand in between wash the water container and filling it for the day.

It has been raining here for the last two days.  SLOW steady PERFECT RAIN...

Hopefully filling my water container...

I got about 12 inches of water... for 24 hours yesterday... and as of this morning I had gotten another 4 inches over night.   I am excited about the way the rain has happened...

It can do good and it can ruine everything... this time... it has been perfect thus far. 

Water can do so much damage...
I have been watching my one incredible farmer in the area.  There is only one I know that really works on keeping his pastures the way they should be.  He plants and covers rotating areas... This year he planted a cover crop, covered with his liquid fertilizer and with all the heat and no rain it came up and promply died.  This last week he rushed to seed more... and so I followed his lead.

I put down Orchard and Timothy seed.  covered with hay... and put down oats and rye in other areas, just to keep the soil loose and allow other inoculated nitrogen creating plants do their work as well.
I too am hoping this time it all takes.

I have not been able to section off my pasture because the ground got so hard what little upper body strength I do have was NOT enough... so  with all the rain ... ahhhhhh... it will make it easier.  ear plugs and gloves and a post pounder... ha ha ha...   thus the blurry silver thing that LIVES in the back of my truck!

The rain has allowed me to walk to and from my car and pick weeds along the way.  Easily pulled with all their seeds so not to allow them to spread futher in my little pasture.

The rain is going to allow me to pound those dreaded T post into the ground in the next few days.  getting a better cover crop on the pasture for winter.

The rain will hopefully allow me to burn all the brush I pilled up in my garden area!   It has been too dry to burn anything so... all this rain was needed more than normal.
I will then shovel up the coals and put them in an acid loving spot for the blueberries and rasberries I hope to plant in the years to come. 

No matter what I do, one thing is related to another.  The waste from one thing will nourish another area in need.    Even my paper trash is being used to line the bottoms of my newly outlined garden section.

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  1. Ah...the power of water!! It's amazing what water can do. The harm...we have experienced first hand here in Nashville and now all across the Florida pan-handle. It damages and washes away all that was planted for good.

    But ah..the power of water! What a joy to walk out and have something to drink without much effort. The horses will benefit....you will benefit. Your life will be made easier.

    So thankful that you have had rain to enjoy...water to do good and no harm.