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Monday, September 27, 2010

The to do list. 092710

It is a perfect rain here today.
I plan to make pictures later, as Jerry was out of town for the weekend and I did not have a camera to use and create post.

Work. there are several boxes in my office and by the door.
Take pictures of my weekend accomplishments ( got garden ALMOST bush hogged )
Take pictures of fencing to go up.
Get Shipping
International Shipping Quotes 6 on request as I type... more expected as usual.
returns.  (being delivered to other addresses)

Get Sister grocery bag/ requested over weekend
Write JoLydia,
Write Aunt Wilda

Spread more hay/
Spread more Seed
Post about perfect rain for last two days.
Post about physical accomplishments this weekend.  A very productive day (with help of course)
update on estate.
update on living simple site.

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