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Thursday, March 27, 2014

yet another day.

Life is demanding...
Today was the first day I had off with no rain, no snow, and the ability to clean the barn yard sense Spring has come into play.

So I swept, shoveled, and forked hay and manure for hours on end... My body is killing me!
I yawn..
I ache...
but all the pain is a good pain knowing my horses are in a clean dry area; till it starts raining in the morning.

My plan is to fork a little bit more tomorrow!

I shoveled manure.
I turned compost piles of manure and hay.
I searched materials for making their dry lot DRY 365 instead of the mud hole it is...
I have collected and printed out patterns I may want to use as a guide for the 50x50 level and dry area... I will then cover the rest of it in road rock, pea gravel, and granite sand.  we shall see how it all works out.

Snow has been crazy in the past few day... Sun is suppose to peak through as of Sunday...

I have Thursday and Friday off... Thursday I needed to do chores... Friday is 80% chance of rain... I can only hope with the rain the water container is topped off and the pasture is a little better to fork into compost piles.

Steve need 4 bails of hay for props in the house shots... I'll give him what ever he needs and make sure they are taken care of.

Don called and I still have 30 bails of hay I need to get out of his barn; I will do this ASAP.

People continue to call him for hay... I need 400 bails of hay a year... I get all I can from Don and get the the rest from who ever I can.  This year I got 500 bails and it has served me well.  Thus I have hay while Don continues to get calls all the time at all times of the day.

Life is good ...
The horses are healthy ... as am I
My main farm hand is no longer available but I can only hope his returns soon.

My love to the world...
A Picture of Navarre as he takes a nap under the tree!  Sweet Pea guards him from me as he sleeps...

The snow was YESTERDAY...
Navarre napping... is TODAY...

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Another First!

While doing my normal routine this morning, putting my hands all over each of my horses.  Navarre decided to KICK the crap out of me!  I'm fine... thus the reason to teach your kids to always stand VERY VERY CLOSE to a horse when examining, cleaning and caring for a horse.

I was standing pretty close so he could not get good force behind his kick!
We did a few ground work scenarios and then I allowed him to eat.

Life is good! Grey, cloudy, rain filled day and a horse with a touchy stomach.  I'll keep an eye on him and make sure he is ok tonight before the freeze sets in.

Hope everyone else has a great day!
My love to the world

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Loving my new feed.

While I have had one year and a half with no serious issue with Navarre, one still has to plan for the day it all falls apart with a horse with such genetic issues.

But as of today I am elated with his routine, his feed, and his playfulness.

The new Purina has allowed me to put him out to pasture for only minutes at a time but twice a day where he can be a real horse, graze the ground, and play like a baby.

I long for the day I can put him out for hours at a time but this day and dream may never come... but getting ANY grass for a horse that previously could have none is a blessing!

Yesterday .... as I walked to the barn there where three white patches in the dry lot.  White patches where he had rolled and was trying to get all that hair off his back.   As my mare defended her feed not allowing him to have or take it.  I was measuring the dry lot, doing my calculations for a true DRY lot that would not be all gravel so I could actually keep it clean all year.   You know the basics... square footage... gravel delivery prices, bob cat price for two days, what to do with all the manure I already have (thinking of the ditch on the east side of the estate for pear trees.)  I come up with about 4,000 dollars at the least, cheapest, and unfortunately the ugliest way possible.

As I stood there mulling all this in my head... Could I stand what it is going to look like? etc... Navarre came up to me rubbed his head on my hip and I started to rub him with my glove covered hand.  Almost immediately hair filled my poor glove and I had to find a place to put it.  This went on and on for about thirty to forty five minutes.  By this time Sweet Pea was done with her feed and as he walked to make sure it was gone I started to rub on my mare.  While she stood still it was not the appreciation I got from Navarre, so I grabbed a brush and went back to him.  He once again stood still... only stretching forward for a belly scratch and a sweet nicker as I rubbed his chin to chest.

While it was suppose to be a riding day it was just as sweet and perfect with a day of my horses standing still, not in a grooming stall but liking, loving, and wanting attention from me.

A good horse day.
A perfect horse day.

Monday, February 17, 2014

the last week was crazy!

snow... snow ... and more snow... then the sun came out and the WIND blew in the next day.

only 8 inches but enough to cover my little car...
The snow was hard on the horses... so I allowed them out twice as long so they could dig and push the snow aside to get to the grass in the pasture. 

Riding in the snow was a delight... 
Quiet... and oh yea... a nice SOFT surface to fall off the horse and into... 

The wind bothered Navarre more than the snow itself. 

Navarre eventually got so upset not having a job and not being able to just play around he was taking it out on me and Sweet Pea by not allowing her to eat her feed... 

So  I tied him up... he would not stand still... 
So I worked him from the ground for 15 minutes.  
He was horrible! 
I was so glad by yesterday I had a friend to ride with... and we took both horses out. 

I got to ride Sweet Pea... and 
Mike got to ride Navarre... 

crazy weather... 
Crazy ride... 
LIFE... you just gotta roll with it! 

My love to the world... 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

OH the weather!

Life for the horses is crazy!

Hot yes only in the 50's but for Navarre this is horribly hot.
Sweet Pea has enjoyed the heat but again tonight she will suffer with the bitter wind blowing in and bringing back the chills below 20.

The ground is terribly wet, muddy, and hard to walk in.

They have been out twice today!
But just yesterday they escaped and decided to visit a neighbor or two before I found out and could get them in.

Life with my horses is fun, a challenge I love, and never the same from day to day.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

hot cold, hot ... cold...

My horses have had ice dangling from them to such an extent this one jingled as he walked. 
The other had on his winter rain coat.

They have gone through 1 and 1/2 bails up to 2 bails a day with all this crazy weather.  But life is good and my water still runs when needed. 

Life at the barn has been just fine.
Horses are good
I still take boiling water to warm this container as I can.  Yes even walking up the mountain in snow.
We all do what we can for our animals and this is a small thing to do while the weather is so bad. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Today is BRIGHT sunny... and incredible. 
I get to go to work today so my horses will be happy at the barn, and I will be happy to make a dollar or two for the day!

Horses RAN out to pasture this morning... leaving horrible marks in my beautiful pasture... a small price to pay for happy horse.

they got hot breakfast  1/2 bail of hay and are set for the morning.

Life is good but I've got to get ready to leave. 

My love to the world

Friday, January 10, 2014

dreadful rain.

While just making it out of a historical freeze for almost all adjoined 48 states... Asheville NC moves back into its rain season with an estimated 3 inches for the next 24-48 hours. 

I am enjoying the crunch of the frozen ground...
I was enjoying the dry boots.
ice was 7 inches THICK in the water troft...

BUT I am very thankful as not too many years ago wells were dry and water was being brought into the area.  You have to take the good with the bad and just be as prepared as you can for what ever Mother Nature has in store for you.

My task for the day?
While I can't paint... (over flow lines of cistern)
I can get all the trash into the back of the truck to take to the sorting facility!
Then sweep out the back of the truck... yes in the rain ... to prepare it for the next load of hay (if and when the ground ever gets to dry out! )

While I have the truck out and about I may drive to Mills Gap to get more feed for the kids.
I can keep in the house if necessary!

... pictures to come...

Rain was so harsh I was not able to get the phone out.
But the horses did RUN out to pasture today instead of their hesitant walk of yesterday and slight trot of the day before.  I was starting to get worried with out being too concerned, I wasn't ready to say anything it may have just been the mental drain on them from the horribly cold weather. 

Everything back to a normal rainy weather.
My ribs are killing me from all the core workout yesterday walking all that feed to the barn.
Not to mention the pulling and pushing the equipment around yesterday. 
Life is funny, but it all worked out just as it was suppose to.  Not so bad sense that was better than I imagined!

Life to live...
My love to the world.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

only 22 degrees to start the day.

I m SO excited as today is expected to be warm... into the 40's today! 
I have water on to boil,
I have 4 gallons of warm tap water for the horses troft.

I will get to the barn, OPEN the water box.... lay out the insulation so it can warm in the sun and then start in on the horses feed, hay trips and gallons of water for their water troft.  4 gallons with only two horses will be more than enough water ADDED to the water already in the container.

After I get all the trips done back and forth from my car and the horse trailer.  I'll get the foot warmers out of my barn emergency camping gear.  Why do I keep ANY camping gear at or for the barn?  Well because my house if 4 miles away and when you find a horse sick, you want to have the ability to stay as you await the vet or do all you can so you don't have to call the vet.  What ever your choice ... life is easier when you don't have to worry about getting hungry, thirsty, or how you are going to rest in crazy weather. 

I also have my silly disposable bread pan and candle to put into the water box for the last few hours above freezing to TRY to get the pipes working again.  BUT I really do NOT expect to have water as I am SURE the cistern is SO frozen at the bottom this will have NO effect of the cistern itself...BUT I need to do all I can each day to assist the situation as much as I can!

Lots to do today and like yesterday my phone update may not happen so I was unable to add to yesterdays morning post only add ANOTHER post as I was at the barn.  This is VERY Likely to happen again!

Keep an eye out for more post if it matters...
Otherwise I have layers to get on, a car to start, and six gallons of water... four warm tap water and the standard 2 gallons of boiling water for feed and ice!

My love to the world...

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

To do list

New basket
Hand pump
Paint over flow pipe.