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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tolerance... ? ... wish I had more!

This morning like every day started at the barn.

Horses were fine, wet but not needing blankets.  I gave them plenty of hay, nice hot feed, and warmed their water a little.

On my way back to the house driving my little red car I was tailgated by a large truck.  Now please understand I call my truck little; it's a 250 4x4 but "she" is little to me!  so this was at least a 350 from what I could see of the hubs, before it got so close I could no longer see them. As it got closer and closer to my little red car the only thing I ended up seeing was his RAM logo that was ramming up the back end of my car.  NO he never touched my car, but he was so close all I could see was his grill.  Likely so close he didn't see the finger I was putting in the air.

I have NO tolerance when it comes to an idiot driving a large truck when in fact I could have tapped my brakes and he would have hit me.   I can't stand it when ANYONE drives SO close to the car in front of them, but especially if one has the ability to stop so much more quickly than the aggressor and in this case my lovely little old insight weighing less than 1000 lbs can stop on a dime compared to a heavier truck like that one.

Having said all that... in order for me to keep life easy at the barn I needed more extruded fat for the horses so 4 bags of 25% weigh a little much for my old car so I drove my little 250 into town and got the feed on the way into work.   Dressed almost like a girl climbing up into the truck, the 10 ply's hum along with the drum of the diesel engine, but I can see so much more sitting high in the old truck.  While I rarely ever drive the truck without the horses behind me which add about 9,000 lbs, or workers sharing the front cab, making shifting gears fun!, today I was alone and no reason to worry about everyone else only rain, slick streets, getting my feed, and making sure I got to work on time.

But I see how this idiot was in a trance being behind the wheel of an incredible machine.  I enjoyed the power, the ease at which my old truck drives, much less a nice new model like this guy had.  The power and view go to your brain and you forget how fragile the human in front of you in a lesser protected little car is being subject to your auto pilot mentality.  I'm not saying EVERY large truck driving 300 lb+ over compensating man is an absolute idiot while behind the wheel, but history and their actions continue and continues to say just as much.

I wish I could tolerate such actions, I wish I could tolerate such idiotic behavior, I wish I had the tolerance and not the anger it brings out in me.  Trying to learn, trying to accept, trying to tolerate such beings in my world.

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