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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Animal care with no electricity~

Life has been COLD, cold, and even colder. 
We have had several days of below freezing and below zero weathered days.  The weather took us to the norm of only 4 zones farther north, but still we have running water at the barn!

I can't say it's all me! but... I am the one that maintains it ... everyone else claims they can't reach the cut off valve.  Everyone else claims it's too hard!   WHAT EVER!  So now I pick one day a week to empty, clean, and refill the troft with fresh water.  The top of my 3200 gallon cistern is FROZEN!!!!! and not about to thaw anytime soon, but the bottom, where I have it insulated several times, using several types of insulation, is doing just fine!

Still having trouble with my lap top so I still can't say when I will be back etc...  But I think of blogging all the time, even more so now that I can't!   Isn't that always the case? You can't so you want it that much more!

Tis the same with my eating habits,  While I have lost the weight I wanted GONE... I now have a vacation in the works that well would make anyone think twice about what goes in their mouths and directly on their ASSS.... So ...   Who knows what I will end up deciding but what ever I decide I'll post it here for the world to poke fun, and see where I am failing, and where I might succeed. 

My life is a journey, so come along for the ride if you DARE<

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