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Friday, January 2, 2015

New Day New Year,

Once again life is great but my lap top has me blocked from this blog.  I can only access from a strange computer and have not been able to change my password due to a two step process that is NOT working for me not ever!

Life is great,
Animals are healthy
Rain, cold and no sun but just fine... I'm curled up with a permaculture book and making notes in the margins as I go along for later references.

I have plans in the works for a small trip with family.
I have plans in the works for a second patio lay at the barn although with the trip this makes the patio a longer time off....
I have plans in the works for a hay container to be delivered but this too will cost money but is a priority in my barn life.  My temporary barn usage is bound to stop at any moment.

Life is good, full and busy.. I hope to have my computer back and running properly ASAP till then I have no idea if or when I will ever get a post in.

stay tuned... and sign up for auto notification of post if you can.

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