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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cold and Cheating!

In all the freezing around here I forgot to tell the world.

I left my lights on Wednesday after taking feed and water to the horses.  No problem I thought... I've got the truck.  I turn the key on to allow the start now light to warm up, I go to disconnect the trailer while that is going on.  Not so easy, never is... plate, block, key, lock... crank... and sure enough it's frozen together.  So I go back to the cab to start the truck, thinking I'll allow it to warm while I get out the hammer to knock this thing off... Krrr Krrrrrr Krrrr Krrr Krr kr k ..... Oh what the heck!

So I run in the house YELLLLLL for the husband... and he allows me to take his truck!
I get to work JUST on time...
No Car
No Truck and the world to care for in the morning!
So I start making my plan in my head, perfecting it all day, my times, my route (I only ever make one big circle) my list, making sure I don't forget something I'll have to do next week etc....

Open the car hood this morning to jump the car first... ? NO OIL cap on my engine!   What the heck... ok so one more thing ... route, stop, list etc...  Take other off silver car in basement!

Uncover water insulation box
hook ups, two nozzles, clean water trough, put out hay, do feed so it can soak, and allow them to graze.. and then... take a breath while it is filling up.

( Car still running so the battery is charging)
Auto Zone, cap!
Flax seed oil, Southern States,
Bird feed, small  and medium... (no medium it had expired) I was in a great mood when I walked in but by the time I walked out I wanted to strangle the woman!
Horse Shop (Balsam Quarter)  didn't have what I needed...
Airport exit, out to Mills River to the BEST FEED Store in Western North Carolina.... didn't have gloves in my size but got three bags of feed.

I had to drive to another bird store I couldn't find it! but what caught my eye was Neo ... Neo Burrito oh I desperately wanted to rush in get a veggie burrito and go on my way.  But if I was going to cheat on my diet I at least wanted to do it going out with someone else....

So I rushed to the second bird store ( I  had passed looking at the two new buildings on both sides of the old place.  They too did not have what I needed but they were nice about it! mater of fact and fine! I got a few things and rushed home.

I asked Jerry if we could go out for mexican! I love mexican foods, He wanted to finish watching what he was into (Tennis) and I took a nap.

1. I rarely take a nap
2. Even when I am desperate to take a nap I can rarely get relaxed enough to do so.
Not today! I fell asleep and the MD called.  I fell right back to sleep and one of Jerry's customers called!   OGM... I just want to sleep....
I didn't realize it was time to eat dinner, I forced myself up, and we went to our favorite dive... I got a shrimp salad...it was so much better than I expected it to be, I didn't finish the salad and I didn't bring it home as that was my cheat for the week.

So we shall see if I gain weight from the one meal.  Or if like 2 weeks ago if I just don't loose any.

I've lost 10lbs but that is about it.
I am not starving. I am a little hungry more often but I just eat when I feel like I need to, given the chance.   So I have almost lost all the weight I put on going to Nashville to care for Mother.  My clothes almost fit better.

My leg feels much better!
Now I just need to start getting back on the bike to exercise again.
Cheating can be fun when shared! ha ha ha...

My love to the world

Record breaking colds.

Life has been as normal as it gets, IF we dismiss the cold weather in November and the wind chill that is dangerous; especially for those who live in the south.

Horses are fine!
There has been no shaking, no need for blankets, BUT they have had extra solid fats, extra liquid fats, HOT mushy breakfast of their regular feed and the hot mushy mess of alfalfa cubes.  I have also carried two gallons of boiling water to add to their water container to make it a little more attractive along with adding salts to their feed to encourage them to drink more water cold or not.  They have also been given so much hay for the day and night they are not eating all of it.   BUT considering their winter coats are not in perfectly yet and we are only in fall I felt the need to supplement them in every way I could.

Water is on to boil as I type
Alfalfa has it first quart of boiling water in it and awaits the second and third.... before I can leave.

The sun is not yet up
But the cold outside has infiltrated my house, my living room is at 53 as I type (per grandad Goins old thermometer hanging in my dinning room, which is closer to the heat source in the kitchen than i am)  I am curled up in my barn clothes hoping to get warm to the core before I have to get out in the wind.  The wind after all is the major issue.

The average person in the south doesn't get the cold layer thing...
I've got the undergear under garment on.... then a wind deflecting warm layer and I will put a wind breaker over all this.  My legs are just silk sock liners, wool socks ( I love high ski socks!), then fleece pants all of which I will put my overall over then my boots and head out.  As I hike into the barn with my gallons and gallons of water, feed, supplements, oil and lantern. I am sure I will have to open a layer or two...

fingers... Oh my gloves have exploded and I can't get a new pair till I get a day off.  So Thursday I'll go get feed, gloves and more alfalfa.  I also need more solid flax seed oil.    So right now three fingers get exposed but... I stay busy enough to keep my fingers safe.

My poor face in this wind... I end up putting chap stick or vaseline on my face because I do not have goggles.  I can't wear my big eye sun glasses because there is not enough light as it is....  Yes I pull my neck warmer over my mouth and nose but the eyes have little to no protection other than turning my head covered by a beanie and two hoodies.

Life is good and it works out well with all my old, worn, abused gear for the barn.
I am so lucky, and so thankful I have this gear and mother nature causes me little to no real trouble.

Loving my life, no matter how hard the animal care is I enjoy all of this, it is a part of who I am.
Do you enjoy something in life this much?
Do you wish you had something in life you craved this much?

My love to the world.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

I hit a wall!

Life has been ok!

I'm still doing well on my diet!  Yes I cheated!  It was a little over a week ago when I went out with my hubby.  I figured I would gain weight but didn't. I also didn't loose any either! After eating like a pig, stretching out my stomach, and licking the butter from my fingers... I'm pretty darn happy with how my choices are going. I mean really I rarely got lobster, crab and shrimp I wasn't going to wait another year just because I had started a new life style that I know I'm going to eventually work seafood back into the mix for special occasions anyway.  I really doubt I will ever eat beef, pork, or chicken from a factory setting again.  I will address the normal meats in years to come right now I feel so much better with no outside influences being from meat.  I hope to start growing more and more of my daily food as life continues.  I've set up so much already, I'm on my way.

What I did do wrong was get some oats that were not gluten free.  I had stomach cramps as if I had eaten an entire loaf of bread.  So had to find the oats a new home and go back to the Non Genetically Modified foods and the Certified Gluten Free oats.  It took me 4 days to start feeling better, not to forget I had a little cold there in the mix as well.  But I am now back on my energy kick.

Had I not been gaining energy again...1. I would not be typing this out, I'd be going to sleep.  2. my horses would have suffered instead they have what they need for winter weather two months earlier than normal.  3.  I would not have been able to keep up at work for Saturday and Today!   We have done an incredible amount of work at the clothing store and today was the icing on the cake!

As for the week...
I got the water insulated!
I got the fig trees protected for the season...
I have supplies ready to put out for the acacia berry bushes, and the rhubarb patch.
I also have supplies ready for the cherry bushes outside the pasture.

Mike and I got some lushous dirt moved (best I've created yet!) and some sand spread out.  I have moved 80% of the mats so the horses can eat off them instead of IN the barn. We also got all the hay from the horses stall and put it into my tack area (in record time), so now the horses have a wonderful 4 sided room to get out of the wind.  They seem to enjoy the new patio, the stall being open, and getting out of the weather thus far.  It is suppose to rain and then freeze tonight so we shall see in the morning how much they want to use it!

So in all ... with in the past week and 1/2 I've only lost 2 lbs bringing my total to 10.  I'm happy with it, my leg is happy with the results and life has been ok!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

getting over the crud.

ok... so today not perfect but still getting over the crud I got from my hubby.  You know personal contact causes these things....

beautiful day...
Nothing much done...
I put down a few more stall mats out in the muddy areas at the barn.
Drained down two hoses.

and really that's about it!  except I did go back to work today, worked my 8 hours...

Nothing new to report today... Hopefully more to share tomorrow.

My love to the world.

Friday, November 7, 2014

OK... I hit a mile stone.

I have finally started to loose a little weight.

Yep... I finally got below 150 lbs.  First time in a long time... Or so it feels.

I've been sick for the past few days and while I tried to work out on my own today, I just could not get it all done.

I got the fat in the barn.
I got their water filled.
the insulation box covered, straw on top and sides of it, and a new extender with commercial grade valve ... Now lets see how long it takes me to mess this one up.! ha ha ha... I've not had one last me a month yet!

I got too tired to complete my barn list so I climbed up to my zen spot to get a breath and take in another view.

The sun was out... 
the wind bearable... 
I was just getting too tired to go on. 

Life is good... 
Here is to wishing you all you need to have a great day. 
My love to the world. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

being thankful.

Yesterday I was soar throat, ear aches, jaw clinched, and green snot.
Today I am a little better in a few ways.

I am thankful I only had to take ONE day off and had the other two scheduled off.

I am thankful my husband didn't mind driving me to the barn so I could take all the meds I needed and not worry about it.

I am so thankful that living well here is so easy.
While I am newer at all the vegan stuff, it is so easy to do so where I am.  Most people are conscious of where there food comes from.  There is only ONE locally owned store in my small town, and while it can't carry all I need it is just walking distance from my house.

I work down town so there are several good organic stores on my way in.
I get what I need on my way to or from work.

Hemp is still my main source of added protein to any and almost every meal.
But while being so sick, it was good old bland potato soup I was craving (like my Nannie always made me as soon as she got me home from school if I was sick)

I have lost 5 lbs in the past 4 weeks.  BUT I have lost many inches in my clothes etc...
I am excited about getting my weight down and being able to keep it down, with my new life style.

We did however have the talk of Thanksgiving today!
YES we will be having Ham, Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, Green bean casserole and corn pudding.  All of which will be your normal Animal Laden dishes for my sweet Husband.  I figure I will make a few dishes to freeze and have one frozen dinner a week IF I don't gain too much doing this.  I can make sweet potato wraps with some homemade GF fry bread.

My accommodating over the holiday may cost me, but what I need to do is NOT have it cost my pocket any more than necessary because of the big meal.  Yes I will be cooking all of it ... meats and all but that is life with a family.

Any ideas? I'm open! Give me a recipe my meat loving husband will try and like! ha ha ha...

While I am some what disappointed that I will not be VEGAN for my holiday I am open to being open to old comfort foods for the holiday season.ONE good cheat meal a week.   I'll make sure to concentrate MOST of my eating on the veggie side dishes most  vegetarians will eat.

So I'm vegan on my own time and vegetarian on shared times... hows that for a new line of thought! It's all a new lifestyle change for me...
I do feel better but I am noticing when I get sick I get really sick.... Not sure what is up with that but we shall see as times goes on.

My love to the world

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

not well today.

I didn't want to leave anyone hanging but really I am just NOT up to a long post.

Exhausted for some reason,
Going to sleep and hoping to get up with more energy.

My love to the world

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day light saving OFF...

Today was great
NO alarm
I got at 5:30 (new time)
Sweet Pea was FREEZING so I had to blanket her, but she did settle down after the blanket AND the hot alfalfa I took them.

Navarre was fine, could care less about the ice hanging all over him.
The barn yard is NASTY wet, hay all over the place, but the new patio is perfect, just needs a good sweeping.  Darrell is right I really need a push broom now that I have more surface to keep clean, as of today I only have normal old fashion brooms.

I finished up the chili for Jerry
The soup for Don,
and a few things for myself.

My soup wasn't so great so I can only hope Don's was better.  I didn't taste anything along the way so... really who knows.

Jerry said his Chili was good all who know him know he is NOT a foodie!

Short day at work,
Short visit with Don,

Now I can't sleep.

Oh well tiz life...

Saturday, November 1, 2014

First Snow of the season.

It is early; I am on my second cup of coffee, outdoor insulates, wool sweater and socks all on so I can tolerate the chill in the house.  I sit here warmed feet propped up on the foot stool, lantern plugged in for its first charge of its hard working life with me (third one from Coleman, second one that is a warranty replacement thanks to Jerry).  Water on the stove to boil, first sauce pan will go for fresh coffee, second and third to the alfalfa cubes to carry to the horses this morning.

This will be a test for my new patio at the barn with the freezing weather having everything in the mix; wind, rain, and snow.

The baseboard heaters are clicking, cracking, and humming with their awakening to the season.

I am still on my personal high from untangling a few knots with the hubby, my little ride yesterday, but also eager to see if Don made it through the night.  I say that because as I sit here my back aches, my legs hurt, and my core is stiff and painful.  He should experience all of the same PLUS having to deal with the horrible pain of FOUR broken ribs. Of which I can not imagine the pain agony and issues that will cause in ones life. OH the humanity!

It was such a perfect outing for me, (until the accident) My mind sees the beauty of the snow, while caution does run though my mind; with a good ride, connection to self and nature I will enjoy the white snow at the barn with its silencing insulation, glow from moon or rising sun, and clean crisp air into my lungs.

OH the balance of glory and worry!
My love to the world