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Thursday, November 6, 2014

being thankful.

Yesterday I was soar throat, ear aches, jaw clinched, and green snot.
Today I am a little better in a few ways.

I am thankful I only had to take ONE day off and had the other two scheduled off.

I am thankful my husband didn't mind driving me to the barn so I could take all the meds I needed and not worry about it.

I am so thankful that living well here is so easy.
While I am newer at all the vegan stuff, it is so easy to do so where I am.  Most people are conscious of where there food comes from.  There is only ONE locally owned store in my small town, and while it can't carry all I need it is just walking distance from my house.

I work down town so there are several good organic stores on my way in.
I get what I need on my way to or from work.

Hemp is still my main source of added protein to any and almost every meal.
But while being so sick, it was good old bland potato soup I was craving (like my Nannie always made me as soon as she got me home from school if I was sick)

I have lost 5 lbs in the past 4 weeks.  BUT I have lost many inches in my clothes etc...
I am excited about getting my weight down and being able to keep it down, with my new life style.

We did however have the talk of Thanksgiving today!
YES we will be having Ham, Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, Green bean casserole and corn pudding.  All of which will be your normal Animal Laden dishes for my sweet Husband.  I figure I will make a few dishes to freeze and have one frozen dinner a week IF I don't gain too much doing this.  I can make sweet potato wraps with some homemade GF fry bread.

My accommodating over the holiday may cost me, but what I need to do is NOT have it cost my pocket any more than necessary because of the big meal.  Yes I will be cooking all of it ... meats and all but that is life with a family.

Any ideas? I'm open! Give me a recipe my meat loving husband will try and like! ha ha ha...

While I am some what disappointed that I will not be VEGAN for my holiday I am open to being open to old comfort foods for the holiday season.ONE good cheat meal a week.   I'll make sure to concentrate MOST of my eating on the veggie side dishes most  vegetarians will eat.

So I'm vegan on my own time and vegetarian on shared times... hows that for a new line of thought! It's all a new lifestyle change for me...
I do feel better but I am noticing when I get sick I get really sick.... Not sure what is up with that but we shall see as times goes on.

My love to the world

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