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Saturday, November 1, 2014

First Snow of the season.

It is early; I am on my second cup of coffee, outdoor insulates, wool sweater and socks all on so I can tolerate the chill in the house.  I sit here warmed feet propped up on the foot stool, lantern plugged in for its first charge of its hard working life with me (third one from Coleman, second one that is a warranty replacement thanks to Jerry).  Water on the stove to boil, first sauce pan will go for fresh coffee, second and third to the alfalfa cubes to carry to the horses this morning.

This will be a test for my new patio at the barn with the freezing weather having everything in the mix; wind, rain, and snow.

The baseboard heaters are clicking, cracking, and humming with their awakening to the season.

I am still on my personal high from untangling a few knots with the hubby, my little ride yesterday, but also eager to see if Don made it through the night.  I say that because as I sit here my back aches, my legs hurt, and my core is stiff and painful.  He should experience all of the same PLUS having to deal with the horrible pain of FOUR broken ribs. Of which I can not imagine the pain agony and issues that will cause in ones life. OH the humanity!

It was such a perfect outing for me, (until the accident) My mind sees the beauty of the snow, while caution does run though my mind; with a good ride, connection to self and nature I will enjoy the white snow at the barn with its silencing insulation, glow from moon or rising sun, and clean crisp air into my lungs.

OH the balance of glory and worry!
My love to the world

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