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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day light saving OFF...

Today was great
NO alarm
I got at 5:30 (new time)
Sweet Pea was FREEZING so I had to blanket her, but she did settle down after the blanket AND the hot alfalfa I took them.

Navarre was fine, could care less about the ice hanging all over him.
The barn yard is NASTY wet, hay all over the place, but the new patio is perfect, just needs a good sweeping.  Darrell is right I really need a push broom now that I have more surface to keep clean, as of today I only have normal old fashion brooms.

I finished up the chili for Jerry
The soup for Don,
and a few things for myself.

My soup wasn't so great so I can only hope Don's was better.  I didn't taste anything along the way so... really who knows.

Jerry said his Chili was good all who know him know he is NOT a foodie!

Short day at work,
Short visit with Don,

Now I can't sleep.

Oh well tiz life...

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