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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Record breaking colds.

Life has been as normal as it gets, IF we dismiss the cold weather in November and the wind chill that is dangerous; especially for those who live in the south.

Horses are fine!
There has been no shaking, no need for blankets, BUT they have had extra solid fats, extra liquid fats, HOT mushy breakfast of their regular feed and the hot mushy mess of alfalfa cubes.  I have also carried two gallons of boiling water to add to their water container to make it a little more attractive along with adding salts to their feed to encourage them to drink more water cold or not.  They have also been given so much hay for the day and night they are not eating all of it.   BUT considering their winter coats are not in perfectly yet and we are only in fall I felt the need to supplement them in every way I could.

Water is on to boil as I type
Alfalfa has it first quart of boiling water in it and awaits the second and third.... before I can leave.

The sun is not yet up
But the cold outside has infiltrated my house, my living room is at 53 as I type (per grandad Goins old thermometer hanging in my dinning room, which is closer to the heat source in the kitchen than i am)  I am curled up in my barn clothes hoping to get warm to the core before I have to get out in the wind.  The wind after all is the major issue.

The average person in the south doesn't get the cold layer thing...
I've got the undergear under garment on.... then a wind deflecting warm layer and I will put a wind breaker over all this.  My legs are just silk sock liners, wool socks ( I love high ski socks!), then fleece pants all of which I will put my overall over then my boots and head out.  As I hike into the barn with my gallons and gallons of water, feed, supplements, oil and lantern. I am sure I will have to open a layer or two...

fingers... Oh my gloves have exploded and I can't get a new pair till I get a day off.  So Thursday I'll go get feed, gloves and more alfalfa.  I also need more solid flax seed oil.    So right now three fingers get exposed but... I stay busy enough to keep my fingers safe.

My poor face in this wind... I end up putting chap stick or vaseline on my face because I do not have goggles.  I can't wear my big eye sun glasses because there is not enough light as it is....  Yes I pull my neck warmer over my mouth and nose but the eyes have little to no protection other than turning my head covered by a beanie and two hoodies.

Life is good and it works out well with all my old, worn, abused gear for the barn.
I am so lucky, and so thankful I have this gear and mother nature causes me little to no real trouble.

Loving my life, no matter how hard the animal care is I enjoy all of this, it is a part of who I am.
Do you enjoy something in life this much?
Do you wish you had something in life you craved this much?

My love to the world.

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